Lebanese Bride Runs For Her Life As Beirut Blast Disrupts Wedding Day Photoshoot

In the shocking video, the young bride was happily posing for photos, before the massive blast disrupted her wedding shoot

Raghav N

August 7, 2020

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A massive explosion rocked the Lebanese capital city of Beirut on Tuesday, leaving more than 130 people dead and close to 5000 people injured.

Ever since, social media has been flooded with distressing and heart-breaking images and videos from the city.
A video has now emerged of a new bride narrowly escaping the deadly explosion. In the dramatic footage, the young woman Israa Seblani is dressed in a beautiful white gown and can be seen happily posing, till the scene is completely disrupted by the blast.

Fortunately, she and her groom escaped unhurt. Israa works as a doctor in the United States of America and had arrived in Beirut recently, for her wedding ceremony.

According to the government of Lebanon, the colossal accident was reportedly caused by over 2,700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate kept in storage for over six years.

The country is already going through a severe economic crisis, with its plummeting currency and rising coronavirus infections. With the blast leaving a large part of the capital city destroyed, it could take years for the country to return to normalcy.

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