Learning Now Becomes Easier With Eduauraa

Study tactfully with test papers and mind maps provided on the Eduauraa app.

Mahima Maniar

September 22, 2020


3 min


Your boards are coming and you think you don’t have enough matter to refer to? Then ZEE5‘s partner Eduauraa is the app for you. With previous years’ questions papers, mind maps and mock papers to refer from, learning is made convenient and interesting for students.

Watch the following video to know more about Eduauraa and how it will help your child:

Source: Eduauraa

This Edu-tech app offers curriculum for ICSE and CBSE boards along with the regional boards of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Tamil Nadu to suit your child’s needs.

At a time when going to school is not an option, Eduauraa gives a personalised touch to each and every student by suiting their requirements. The visual medium of learning and imbibing always proves faster and more beneficial. Students can retain such information for a longer period of time.

Source: Eduauraa

Eduauraa offers exactly what your child needs. Every standard and board has immersive video lessons which can be seen when the learner is too tired to flip through books. The use of illustrations, images and 2D/3D animations ensure that the lessons are enriching and intriguing. The app offers four types of advanced animations – Character, Text, Alpha, and Motion graphic animations. Students have to answer three multiple-choice questions at the end of every lesson to help them ingrain each concept better.


Source: ZEE5

Mind Map is a feature which demonstrates a concept in a tabloid format, which is easier to grasp. For a quick last minute revision, Mind Maps can be used to briefly explain different categories or to go through the definitions of keywords. Instead of scanning for them throughout the chapter which leads to a colossal waste of time, Mind Maps offer the opportunity to sum up technical words in taut phrases.

Source: Eduauraa

The application also offers test papers and previous papers for further reference. Objective and subjective questions, both are given under the test papers option. After appearing for a mock test, the students can always gauge their performance through the Eduauraa Proficiency Quotient (EPQ) or with Eduauraa Assistant (EA).

ZEE5-And-Eduauraa-Partnership-on-ZEE5 (source:ZEE5)
ZEE5-And-Eduauraa-Partnership-on-ZEE5 (source:ZEE5)

Get the ZEE5 Premium Pack now at a reasonable price of Rs. 999. It also provides you with a yearly subscription of Eduauraa as a part of its introductory offer. This initiative has made ZEE5 the ideal platform for both entertainment and educational content.

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