Learn How These 19 Kannada Superstars Earned Title Prefixes To Their Names

Parinika Uchil

June 8, 2019


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Rebel Star Ambareesh

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There is a reason why Namma Kannadathi film community is so famous all over the globe. Every fan idolises their stars with a certain identity. Generally, this is because of the way the actor is or even the kind of movies he/she takes on. Whatever may be the reason, fans everywhere are in love with these titles given to celebrities.

Take the Rebel Star Ambareesh, for example. His real name is Malavalli Huchche Gowda Amarnath but he was given this title because of his rebel roles in most films.

Kanasina Rani Malashri

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After her 1992 movie ‘Kanasina Rani’, which literally means Queen of dreams, Malashri went on to stay in her fans’ hearts forever!

Karate King Shankar Nag

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Another huge loss to the Kannada film industry after the Rebel Star was this legend, the Karate King Shankar Nag. He earned his title because he was one of the first actors in the Kannada industry to introduce karate in films.

Sahasa Simha Vishnuvardhan

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Having done a film of the same name in 1982, Vishnuvardhan got the title of Sahasa Simha because he did all the stunts in the film on his own. Isn’t that cool?

Crazy Star Ravichandran

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This handsomely popular actor got his title for a very unique reason. Since he has expertise in all aspects of the film right from acting to directing, to scriptwriting, to editing and so on, this title ‘Crazy Star’ was decided apt for him.

Real Star Upendra

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An interesting story this one. When Upendra made his directorial debut Om in 1995, he cast real gangsters to star with Shivarajkumar in the lead. The film not only ended up being one of the biggest hits in the year, but it also earned him the title of ‘Real Star’.

Golden Star Ganesh

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After giving back to back hits, this star earned himself the title ‘Golden Star’ because every film he did was a super hit. Ganesh is the Midas of Sandalwood, whatever he touches, turns to gold.

Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar

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Thanks to his role in the 2004 thriller film, Power, Namma Appu sir won this title because of the way he justified his character.

Sandalwood Queen Ramya

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Formerly known as Divya Spandana, Ramya’s name was kept by Parvathamma Rajkumar after her first movie with Appu. She was later bestowed with her title of ‘Sandalwood Queen’ because of her successful career between 2005 and 2008.

Karunada Chakravarthy Shivarajkumar

He Is Also Known As The Century Star

He is the older son of the legendary icon, Rajkumar and is one of the only stars in the Kannada industry who has earned more than two titles. So if you are a fan, you can now address this veteran with a variety of names, Hattrick hero – because his first three films were back-to-back hits, Sandalwood King – after his 99th film Mylaari was released, Century Star – for his 100th release and finally Karunada Chakravarthy – when the star complete 51 years!

Kiccha Sudeep

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His 2001 hit film ‘Huccha’ is what led to this title. In the film, he played a bully who goes mad when messed with. He later also got the title ‘Abhinaya Chakravarthy’! I find this actor so handsome, do you?

Duniya Vijay

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After struggling for years as a junior artist, Vijay got his first break in 2007 with the film ‘Duniya’. This was a love story with the extra twist of a gangster. Check out his film Johnny Johnny Yes Papa streaming on ZEE5 now.

Lovely Star Prem

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Rumours have it that the real reason why Prem earned the title of ‘Lovely Star’ was because of his first two films that portrayed him as a lover boy. Eventually also, no matter his abs of the action films he did, the title of ‘Lovely’ always stayed.

Mass Yuvaraja Sandalwood Prince Chiranjeevi Sarja

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His love for mass-oriented characters in movies earned him this title. The Prince, however, is just something he just enjoys! Moreover, he is famously known for remaking movies and has gained some much-needed fame.

Rocking Star Yash

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My favourite actor and also one of the cutest, Yash got his name purely to connect with youngsters. A fine man with a fine persona, the actor is drool-worthy in every way. What say, ladies?

Doodhpeda Diganth

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Famous for his best performance as the character Doodhpeda in the 2008 film Gaalipata, Diganth earned the title of ‘Doodhpeda’. In my opinion, he looks like a doodhpeda which is why the name seems apt. Don’t you think?

Challenging Star Darshan

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Owing to the fact that this veteran believes in perfection, any project Darshan takes up is challenging. Be it stunts or being the hero, this actor takes all his roles really seriously which is why he earned the title ‘Challenging Star’. 

Diamond Star Srinagara Kitty

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The experienced actor Krishna is famously called Diamond Star Srinagara Kitty, which is definitely a weird title but fits him perfectly. It is also loved by his fans because he is considered to be the diamond that is found in a coal mine. Your thoughts?

Roaring Star Sriimurali

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Despite having gone through many flops in the early stages of his career, Sriimurali struck back with his 2014 film, Ugramm. Therefore, the title of ‘Roaring Star’ was given to him.

How many of these actors did you know about? Leave your comments in the space given below.

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