Laxmii gets a terrible score on IMDb after it’s release on Disney+ Hotstar

Laxmii gets a terrible score on IMDb and before you blame the boycott brigade for it, let us tell you they aren’t to be blamed here. The movie disappointed everyone as content.

November 11, 2020


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Sadak 2 bore the brunt of the widespread criticism and ill-informed anger directed towards star kids post Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. The trailer was one of the most disliked ones on Youtube while it got one of the lowest rankings on IMDb as well. It didn’t help that the movie was terrible. But in the case of Laxmii, Akshay Kumar’s horror-comedy is getting slammed on IMDb for its tripe content and the boycott brigade has nothing to do with it. The movie has managed an abysmal score of 2.3 ratings because of its plot.  Laxmii: 13 Questions That Left Us Stumped After Watching Akshay Kumar-Kiara Advani’s Kanchana Remake (SPOILERS)

Akshay Kumar’s Laxmii Gets A 2.3 Rating On IMDb And It’s Not Because Of Boycott Brigade

Nearly 71% of users on the rating website gave it 1 star and you can’t blame them for it. The remake of the Tamil movie Kanchana, Laxmii is drawing a lot of flak for its inane storyline and ridiculous representation of the transgender community. Laxmii Movie Review: Sharad Kelkar the Only Spark in Akshay Kumar, Kiara Advani’s Horror-Comedy That’s Otherwise a Complete ‘Bomb’!

Laxmii IMDb rating

Laxmii: Akshay Kumar’s Horror-Comedy Breaks Record, Gets Biggest Ever Opening on Disney+Hotstar As Claimed by the OTT Platform!

Many users ranted about how terrible Laxmii is and how it doesn’t even deserve 1 star. Some people mentioned how it’s nothing but a caricature. Critics have also used harsh words for Laxmii which has failed to interest anyone. The movie at the end hints at a sequel. But given the way, everyone has slammed the original, we wonder if the follow-up will happen at all.

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