Lahore Confidential Review: Do #WhateverItTakes But Don’t Miss Out On This Crisp Espionage Thriller With An Unpredictable Climax

Waiting to add a political drama to add to your watchlist for the weekend? Well, the ZEE5 Original Lahore Confidential can be your perfect pick. Check out.

Aditi Sharma

February 4, 2021


Web Series Review

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Lahore Confidential is a ZEE5 Original that premiered recently. The political drama highlights the socio-political realities of two nations – India and Pakistan. Helmed by Kunal Kohli, Lahore Confidential is a twisted tale of political strategies, terrorism, and love. With a consistent storyline and appropriate narrative, Lahore Confidential turns out to be a must-watch. Richa Chadha, Karishma Tanna, and Arunoday Singh portray the lead roles in the movie.

Ananya Shrivastav (Richa Chadha)  is a media attache in Indian High Commission who is sent to Pakistan with a secret mission. An Urdu poetry enthusiast, Ananya goes with a passion to write her book by meeting the famous Pakistani poets. However, the real purpose of taking Ananya to Pakistan is to unfold the mysterious secrets of Rauf Ahmed (Arunoday Singh), the biggest event organizer in Pakistan. The movie starts with two delivery boys killing a man in his house in front of his family. The intense and mysterious start to the story was commendable.

Lahore Confidential
Source: ZEE5

With the natural progression of the narrative, the story shifts to the past where Ananya is seen meeting Yukti (Karishma Tanna) who is a RAW agent, and Rauf. Ananya and Rauf share a common interest in Urdu poetry and so they eventually become friends.

Lahore Confidential does not have lengthy jingoistic dialogues instead the dialogues have an Urdu touch to them. Rauf and Ananya’s conversation is a delight to hear with all the shayaris and authentic use of Urdu language. On the other hand, the simplistic monologues of other characters also make the story more interesting.

Time and again, there are moments where different missions are planned by RAW to find out terrorists and the people who fund them. As the story unfolds, Ananya and Rauf’s intimacy turns out to be in favour of RAW until one day, their three own agents get killed. With Ananya in denial to help Rauf even further and betray her own friends, it gets clear that she will step back from her will to help Rauf. However, on the contrary, Rauf creates a situation where she gets pressured to help him again and go against RAW.

Lahore Confidential
Source: ZEE5

High on a political vendetta, Lahore Confidential has a consistency in its storyline with several twists and turns explaining the real mission of RAW and Rauf Ahmed. The movie is centred on Rauf who is chasing RAW agents and people involved with RAW, Ananya who is now working as a double agent and Yukti who is behind the terrorists and the people funding them.

Without creating a predictable end to the story in the viewers’ minds, Lahore Confidential takes a big turn when Ananya gets to know that Rauf used her and he is actually an ISI agent Wasim Ahmed Khan. The big revelation makes Ananya step up to betray her own love, Rauf, and show her love for her country. With Ananya decoding Rauf, the story ends on a cliffhanger creating a big mystery and keeping the conclusion to the mission ‘confidential’.

Lahore Confidential
Source: ZEE5

Richa Chadha has totally justified her character. Be it her dialogue delivery or her persona, seeing her on-screen was a delight. Her chemistry with Arunoday Singh deserves a special mention. The actor’s character Ananya was a difficult portrayal as it was different from Richa’s previous projects, however, she did an amazing job as she stepped into an innocent girl’s shoes.

Arunoday Singh has a strong personality and his acting skills deserve appreciation. His dialogue delivery and utter submission to the character was visible on-screen. Though his role was a negative one, he totally stole the limelight with his chemistry with Richa Chadha.

It was a delight to watch them together. Karishma Tanna stood out with her character too. The actor’s strong personality and attitude were commendable. The supporting cast of Khalid Siddiqui and Nikhat Khan skillfully add flavour and depth to an already gripping watch. Direction by Kunal Kohli is top-notch and the director has certainly made a grand comeback on-screen with the spy thriller. Having directed Fanaa earlier seems like Kunal was well-versed with the subject and his comfort in direction was evident. We certainly missed the director showing off his brilliance all this while but we are glad for he made his comeback with something as brilliant as Lahore Confidential.

The background score of the music is crisp, adding an extra dose of intrigue to an already exciting plot. Cinematography is brilliant and is commendable how Kohli managed to recreate the entire Lahore in Lucknow.

On a whole, Lahore Confidential is a crisp espionage thriller with an unpredictable climax that lives up to the interesting premise.

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