Lahore Confidential: Here’s How Rauf And Ananya’s Romance Is A War Of Ideologies

Director Kunal Kohli masterfully crafts the thriller through the tale of romance between two different-yet-bold personas.

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February 12, 2021


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If you explore the genre of thrillers, there’s hardly anything more intense, intriguing, and action-packed than a spy drama. Drawing inspiration from real-life events, there have been many spy stories portrayed on the big screens. And these insights from the spy world always fascinate the viewers, especially when it is set against the backdrop of a real political war. In a similar instance, ZEE5’s latest release Lahore Confidential has gravitated the audience’s attention to the ‘Confidential’ franchise for their cravings for spy dramas.

Set against the backdrop of India- Pakistan conflict, the film essays the story of a RAW agent Ananya (Richa Chadha) who’s posted in Pakistan for a mission. The problem arises when she falls in love with a Pakistani poet/activist Rauf (Arunoday Singh) and deals with the dilemma of her professional and personal life. Through the course of its story, Ananya and Rauf’s blossoming romance is at the heart of the plot.

Director Kunal Kohli masterfully crafts the thriller through the tale of romance between two different-yet-bold personas. So, here’s taking a look at how Ananya and Rauf’s romance is a war of ideologies that ultimately sets the base of this spy thriller.

War Of Words

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At the beginning of the film, Lahore Confidential sets a base for the vital characters in the stories. There’s a lonely RAW agent Ananya living with her mother and her only love is towards literature. On the other side, we have Rauf, a Pakistani activist who happens to be a big fan of shayaris and classical music. As the story paces further, Ananya and Rauf’s similar interests get them to bond well.

And this is where the first chapter of this thriller begins, we can call it the ‘war of words.’ Ananya gets indulged in the blooming world of shayaris and finds herself attached to Rauf. Her secret mission keeps her on her toes but the war of words with Rauf gets her detached from her duties.

The Framed Ideologies

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Further, Ananya finds herself in conflict when Rauf reveals his identity as James Spencer, a bold journalist and a secret agent who’s on a mission against the terrorizing worlds of ISI, RAW, Lashkar, etc. Rauf makes her believe in his peaceful mission, eventually framing a set of new ideologies for both of them.

We find them both on the lines of peace and harmony. While we believe that the thriller is now taking a turn as a social drama, the makers surprise us with another twist as new revelations surface the plot.


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The charismatic chemistry between Ananya and Rauf develops into love and while we are waiting for a “happy ending” the film stuns us with another shocker when the framed ideologies of Ananya and Rauf seem to be collapsing. The lovey-dovey tale shifts as a revenge saga in the climax, revealing unexpected secrets which makes this spy thriller an interesting watch. It also makes us aware that their ideologies are distinct and nothing that Rauf pretended to be. The romance then shifts into a war of ideologies and that makes Lahore Confidential different than other spy thrillers. 

Crafting thrills and twists in the tale of romance, Lahore Confidential gives us a new experience of cinema altogether. If you haven’t watched the film yet, don’t miss out on this interesting spy thriller.

Lahore Confidential is exclusively streaming on ZEE5.


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