Laal Peeli Ankhiyaan Song Review: An Edgy Folk Rendition That Sums Up The Essence of Dark 7 White

Dark 7 White would have been incomplete without its rock track, Laal Peeli Ankhiyaan. This folk song mixed with a rap portion perfectly sums up the mood of this political drama that is fueled by revenge.

Tanvi Dhote

December 8, 2020


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Dark 7 White is the latest ZEE5 Original that is keeping people hooked to their screens. This Sumeet Vyas starrer has every element of a revenge drama that keeps you engaged with its plot. One of its most impressive elements in the music. So if you are yet to explore the Dark 7 White album, start with the shows folk-rap track Laal Peeli Ankhiyaan. Still not convinced, read our review here.

If you are looking for a new political drama to binge on, ZEE5 has a solution for you. ZEE5’s Dark 7 White is the latest political drama that has every element that keeps you hooked to the show. One of these elements is the show’s music album. The Dark 7 White album perfectly sums up the mood of the show. This new ZEE5 Original revolves around revenge for the sake of power.

Source: ZEE5

This mood is captured in the song, Laal Peeli Ankhiyaan. Laal Peeli Ankhiyaan’s music video revolves around Yudi’s college life and soon transitions into his rise in politics. Amidst this transition, Yudi’s secret crimes and manipulation is captured. The lyrics of this folk song talk about red and yellow eyes of banna (a male) do not frighten us. In this case, the male can be considered every issue that Yudi faces and how he faces it head on. Even if it means killing girlfriend and his fiancée’s father.

The additional composition for this folk song has been done by Arpit Mehta and Udit Prajapati. The Rajasthani Choro have lent their vocals to this power-packed track. But this folk song gets a modern twist with its rap. The rap not only sums up how Prince Yudi rules in his party but also in his personal life. This rap has been written and performed by Udit Prajapati. He has also contributed with some additional lyrics to this edgy track.

Source: ZEE5

In all, Laal Peeli Ankhiyaan is an audio representation of Dark 7 White. Its edgy music blends well with the folk song and provides a rough and dark feel to the show. A political drama like Dark 7 White would have been incomplete without this song. So if you are looking for a song that pumps you up every morning than Laal Peeli Ankhiyaan is the right track for you.

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