Laal Ishq: 6 Creepy And Cool Halloween Makeup Ideas To Try In 2019

Ashutosh Oak

October 22, 2019


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Halloween Makeup Ideas 2019


Halloween or should we call it the night of the dead, will be celebrated across the globe on 31st October! You may have seen in many Hollywood movies,  for mostly its celebrated in western countries. But now it has become common in India too. People like to have house parties and invite their friends to join them for fun. Also, many offices throw a Halloween party.

Talking of horror, watch the latest episode of Laal Ishq below:

If you are planning to attend a Halloween night party then here are some creepy costume and makeup ideas that are inspired by the terrifying ghosts and demons from Laal Ishq.

Laal Ishq: The Witch


The first one on the list is a witch and to try this look you will need a lot of accessories mostly in black or silver. Heavy neckpiece with shiny stones that will help you to make your character more impactful. Go for messy hair and dark make and avoid any bright colours. In short, you have to be Bellatrix Lestrange and not Hermoine Granger.

Daayan: Vampire


Aakarsh played by Mohit Malhotra in the horror show Daayan was a great character. To try this look you will need fake Vampire teeth, ears and you need to have a little makeup. Borrow a lipstick from your sister and draw a circle that looks like a dark circle just red. Set your hair in sleek style with wax or pomade and make sure it shines.

Laal Ishq: The Doll


After the release of Annabelle, we all got scared of dolls especially the ones that look similar to Annabelle. But this is what works the best on Halloween as all you need to do is dress like a little girl and apply some makeup just like a doll. Do as many makeup mistakes as possible because we are not competing for a fancy dress competition. Make sure you tie two ponies.

Laal Ishq: Dadi Ki Kahani


What is the first image that comes to your mind when you think of Daayan? An old lady with a big and pointed nose and scary eyes. No matter how many special effects we see, this one always frightens us. In one of the episodes of Laal Ishq, we saw the character of Dadi who was a Daayan. To try this look you will need a pointed rubber nose and a white hair wig. Also, try to add some texture of wrinkles with makeup.

Laal Ishq: The Puppet


Puppets are the most loved toys for children but after watching the recent horror movies we prefer keeping a safe distance from them. Jokes apart, but trying a puppet look is truly an awesome idea because in a crowd where everyone wants to be a Joker, try going for ‘The Boy’ because it’s not a child’s play, is it? All you need to do is to have minimalistic expression and play only with eyebrows, eyes and mouth.

Laal Ishq: The Yaksh


Since we mentioned Joker, people also love to wear the costume of Batman but after watching this episode of Laal Ishq we have changed our mind about Owls. No, you don’t need to buy wings, rather you can just manage that with an Owl mask and add some more artificial feathers to it.

Do you have any ideas for the Halloween party? Let us know in the comments below.

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