Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti: 6 Reasons Why Roli-Rishi Are The Cutest Kids On Television

Roli and Rishi are constantly trying to bring their parents Shubhra and Kuldeep closer. But while doing so, they have also established themselves as the cutest kids on the television.

Tanvi Dhote

January 11, 2021



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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti is Zee TV’s brand new show. It revolves around a married couple and how their kids try to resolve their parents’ issues through their understanding of the situation. Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti’s Roli and Rishi are two of the most adorable on-screen kids on TV today and these six reasons are proof enough of the same.


1. They love their parents unconditionally

Often we see kids not choosing to spend much time with their parents but rather play with their friends or be glued to their phone screens. But right from the first episode of the show, it is clear that both Roli and Rishi love Shubhra and Kuldeep and even fight for their attention.

2. When Roli & Rishi bicker

In of the episodes of the show, Roli and Rishi are traveling to school. The two bicker about whom does Kuldeep and Shubhra love more. While Roli says that both aai and papa love her more, Rishi completely disagrees. This fight ends up spoiling Rishi’s entire day.

3. Roli signs her diary

One evening when Kuldeep comes home he speaks to the kids for some time and then starts talking to Shubhra. He tells her that he met their college friend Samaira, but forgot to bring the money. Soon a petty issue leads to an argument. Roli informs about the same to Rishi and both get concerned. Since Roli does not want to disturb her aai, she forges Shubhra’s signature on her diary.

4. Rishi runs away

Rishi is no doubt a sensitive child. So one evening when his parents fight, he runs away from the house. While everybody starts looking for him, Rishi climbs his favourite tree. When Kuldeep, Shubhra, Roli, and all the neighbours reach there, he says that his friend Amul told him that when parents fight they get divorced. So to stop them from fighting and reunite them, Rishi chose to run away.

5. When Rishi makes an anniversary greeting

Rishi and Roli always try to bring their parents closer and make sure they do not keep fighting. So when it is Kuldeep and Shubhra’s wedding anniversary, Rishi makes an anniversary greeting card for them. He also makes sure to add, Roli at the bottom to make sure that she is included in this surprise as well.

6. Roli & Rishi try to cheer up Shubhra

Shubhra visits her parents’ house to return the money her mother gave her. When her father sees her, he gets angry at her. He tells a servant in the house to purify the entire place with ganga jal. Shubhra returns home and starts crying. When Rishi and Roli see this, they try to cheer her up and even end up sweetly bickering for the same.

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