Kundali Bhagya Written Update 22 October 2020: Rakhi to throw Mahira out of the Luthra house?

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Rakhi’s opinion about Preeta are changing and she decides to throw Mahira out of the Luthra house. Read Kundali Bhagya Written Update 22 October 2020 full update below.

Pooja Dhar

October 21, 2020


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In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Sherlyn tells Preeta that the Luthra family is hers and not Preeta’s. Sherlyn tells Preeta that she doesn’t consider Preeta as her sister-in-law and she is not scared of her. Preeta tells Sherlyn that she should be scared of Preeta because she knows all about Sherlyn’s affair with Prithvi. Preeta says that she knows that when Janki came to know about their affair, Sherlyn and Prithvi tried to kill her. But, by God’s grace, Janki is safe and has even gotten her memory back. Just as Sherlyn tells Preeta that her affair with Prithvi was before she got married to Rishab, Preeta tells her that she knows that this is not the truth. Sherlyn tells Preeta that no one in the Luthra house will believe Preeta but Preeta confidently says that everyone will definitely believe her. Preeta asks Sherlyn to stop playing these games and asks her to start counting her days left in this house. Just as Preeta leaves from the room, Sherlyn gets very scared and thinks about Preeta’s next move.

Source: ZEETV
Source: ZEETV

Rakhi talks her heart out in front of Mahesh. She recalls the time when Sarla accused her of being at fault because of whom Preeta is in this condition. Rakhi tells Mahesh that whatever Sarla said was true because she never gave Preeta the rights that she deserves. Rakhi says that she is not being able to play the part of a mother-in-law and has started to break from inside. She thinks that the condition under which Preeta and Karan got married doesn’t change the fact that the two are husband and wife now, and she has to give Preeta all the rights that a daughter-in-law deserves. Rakhi decides that she will throw Mahira out of the Luthra house and get Preeta justice.

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Preta and Karan are in the bedroom.  Preeta asks Karan to increase the temperature of the AC or switch it off. Karan refuses and asks her to cover herself up with a quilt. The two get into fun banter and share romantic moments together.

Source: ZEETV
Source: ZEETV

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