Kundali Bhagya Written Update 20 October 2020: Preeta and Karan finally get their reception

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta exposes Mahira in front of the entire Luthra family. She successfully attends her own reception and shares romantic moments with Karan.

Pooja Dhar

October 19, 2020


3 min


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta informs the media, the inspector, and all the guests present at the reception ceremony that she will never let anyone harm the reputation of the Luthra family. She shows everyone the true face of Mahira and proves herself to be innocent. Mahira loses her calm and starts to shout at Preeta and even the guests. Seeing her outburst, Ramona and Sherlyn take Mahira away from the function and ask her to freshen up. They further warn her that with such an attitude, she is digging her own grave.

Source: ZeeTV
Source: ZeeTV

Meanwhile, Sameer asks everyone to settle down as the real reception is about to start now. He announces that Preeta and Karan are going to give a dance performance together. Just as the two start dancing romantically, they get to talking. Karan asks Preeta about where she was and what happened. Preeta tells him that all that isn’t important as she is with him now and knows that he really missed her. Karan doesn’t admit to the fact that he missed Preeta and says that it was Preeta who missed him. He says that Preeta couldn’t live without him and that’s why she came back to the Luthra house from wherever she was. Karan says that he is completely tension-free seeing Preeta at the function and was always sure about the fact that Preeta could never leave him and go away.

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As Sanjana comes to know that Sherlyn took Prithvi and Pawan’s help to kidnap Preeta, she gets very angry. Sanjana asks Sherlyn to stop playing these games and leave Prithvi, as he is of no good to her. She even suggests Sherlyn to stop helping Mahira as in doing so, she will put Sherlyn in a lot of trouble. Ramona hears Sanjana say this and starts to clap.

Source: ZeeTV
Source: ZeeTV

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