Kundali Bhagya Written Update 17 August 2020: Mahira Tries To Choke Preeta To Death

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Kenneth Carneiro

August 14, 2020


3 min


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta tries to warn Karan about Sherlyn and Mahira’s plan against the Luthra family. Srishti and Sammy try to help the police in catching the kidnapper. Prithvi is wearing a mask and trying to escape when he runs into Sammy and Srishti. He holds Srishti at knifepoint and stops the police or anyone else from catching him before escaping. Rishabh notices that the knife the kidnapper is holding was in Sherlyn’s room next to a tray of fruits. Karan doesn’t pay heed to Preeta’s warning and accuses her of being jealous of Mahira.

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In the next episode, Rishabh decides to confront Sherlyn and asks her why she lied about his kidnapping and more importantly how the kidnapper found the knife if he was not in her room.

Preeta goes to Mahira’s room and tells her that even if the Luthra family doesn’t believe her the police will. She threatens to call the police and stop Karan-Mahira’s wedding because he is already married.

Sherlyn once again creates a scene and threatens to hurt Rishabh if he doubts her ever again. Kareena bua tells Rishabh to question Sherlyn once the wedding is over.

Karan goes to his father’s room to talk to him about the wedding and cries. He finds Preeta’s earring in Mahesh’s room and becomes emotional again.

Mahira tries to stop Preeta by locking the door. When Preeta still tries to leave the room, Mahira tries to choke Preeta to death.

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