Kundali Bhagya Written Update 15 October 2020: Preeta And Srishti Escape From The Kidnappers

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October 14, 2020



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In the latest episodes of Kundali Bhagya, Prithvi wakes up and finds Preeta as well as Srishti kidnapped by his brother, Pawan. He pretends to be upset but later thanks his brother, Pawan, for bringing Preeta to him. Karan finds Preeta’s clothes in his cupboard and is convinced that Preeta didn’t run away with Prithvi. Janki tries to save Srishti and Preeta but Prithvi knocks her unconscious. He then takes Preeta aside and tries to convince her to marry hi. When Preeta refuses, Prithvi tries to slap her.

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In the upcoming episode, Preeta tells Prithvi that she has seen his true side now. She knows that Karan was right about Prithvi all along. Prithvi tries to force Preeta to marry him but she refuses to leave Karan. She takes a curtain rod and begins beating up Prithvi. Pawan hears Prithvi calling for help and goes in to save his brother.

Srishti and Janki are left alone and they go looking for Preeta. Pawan tries to help Prithvi stand up, Preeta sees her chance and runs out locking the brothers inside. She meets Janki who tells her that she got her memory back. She says that Prithvi and Sherlyn tried to kill her on Preeta’s engagement’s day when she found out that they were in love.

Sherlyn says that her mother, Sanjana, is the only person who can help Mahira. She says Sanjana knows Kareena well and they are best friends. She is the only person who can convince Kareena to get Karan married again to Mahira. Sanjana makes Mahira plead for her help before agreeing.

Preeta, Janki and Srishti run outside and find a car with keys inside them. Pawan and Prithvi manage to leave the room with help from their goons. Before Preeta can get away, Prithvi and his goons catch up and tell them to stop. Will Preeta be able to get away from Prithvi?

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