Kundali Bhagya: Karan and Preeta’s Karva Chauth Special Playlist is here!

Karan and Preeta have shared many romantic moments since the beginning. Now these romantic moments have found one single destination through this brand new Kundali Bhagya Karva Chauth Special playlist.

Tanvi Dhote

November 2, 2020



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Karan and Preeta are soon going to celebrate Karva Chauth. Over the years, Karan and Preeta have shared many special and romantic moments. During these moments, their chemistry has been intensified with many romantic tracks.  So take a look at some of Karan and Preeta’s romantic moments and their very own Karva Chauth playlist.

1. Dekha Hazaro Dafa

This song perfectly defined the connection they both feel towards each. Even though in this episode from Kundali Bhagya, Karan and Preeta are not dancing with each other, their chemistry is still strong. During the entire dance, both of them are stealing glances at each other.

2. Ruthe Ruthe

Another romantic moment between Karan and Preetha that is expressed through a song is here. Even though they do not utter a single word, the song Ruthe Ruthe expresses their thoughts. The Karan and Preetha Karva Chauth playlist will be incomplete without this song.

3. Sukoon Mila

Valentine’s Day became extra special for Karan and Preetha with this song. The Sukoon Mila revealed how these lovebirds enjoyed the time they shared together without any distractions. Moreover, this song is played at the end of their date when both of them are sitting in the car and are finding it difficult to express themselves.

4. Jitni Dafa Dekhu Tujhe

What happens when a husband and wife trying to one up each other through their pranks? You get a romantic moment like this, where Preeta and Karan spending some quality time together but also having fun. As the song Jitni Dafa Dekhu Tujhe plays in the background, Karan turns the shower on and Preeta gets soaked. But Preeta has the final laugh as she pulls Karan in the shower as well.

5. Kalank

Karan and Preeta have many unspoken but romantic moments between them. In this scene, Karan notices that Preeta’s dress is not tied at the back. He ties the strings hanging loose from her dress but makes sure to not break eye-contact with her. While Karan is busy gawking aat her, Preeta is trembling a bit and is also nervous.

6. Dhal Jaun Main

Karan has proved his love for Preeta on every nook and corner. Kundali Bhagya is filled with many such moments. One of these moments has been shown in this scene. While, Preeta is busy drying her hair she is completely unaware of Karan’s presence. Karan is completely mesmerised by Preeta and keeps on gawking at her.

7. Ve Mahi

Preeta and Karan are no doubt a new age couple. While they love to spend some quite quality time together, they are often seen engaging in some fun activities and pranking each other. In this video, the happy couple are engaged in a pillow fight and cannot seem to stop laughing and running around the room like happy kids.

8. Sweetheart

Preeta is no doubt Karan’s sweetheart. So what happens when these two are stranded on the road? Karan, of course, makes sure to keep Preeta safe. The two end up traveling together in a truck. But this moment gets more romantic when Preeta is about to fall off the truck and our hero Karan saves her.

9. Sajda

Karan and Preeta always make to support each other. So what happens when Preeta is about to slip and might end up injuring herself? No worries, Karan is here to rescue. The moment Preeta slips, Karan catches her in his arms. In the end both are lost in each other’s eyes while spending a quiet moment together.

10. Sholon Si

A romance is incomplete without some beautiful dance moves. Karan and Preeta have even checked out this item from their list. In one of the episodes, this new age couple is dancing to the song Sholon Si and performing a beautiful ballroom dance sequence.

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