Kundali Bhagya: Here’s Decoding Prithvi’s Master Plan Of Winning Preeta Back

With Prithvi re-entering Preeta and Karan’s life, here are some ways in which he might try to win Preeta back.

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February 23, 2021



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The Zee TV show Kundali Bhagya saw an intriguing twist recently, as an old foe of the couple, Karan and Preeta, made a reappearance. The foe, Prithvi Malhotra, is back in Preeta’s life and has already brought a storm with him. He’s more than determined to win her back and now that he has openly challenged Preeta and Karan, we deduce and discuss his masterplan ahead. 

Marrying Kritika is just step one

When Prithvi makes a surprise entrance, Karan almost hits him in the face. Prithvi stops him and declares that he is now married to Kritika. Kritika reveals that she agreed to marry Prithvi after he saved her from some goons. Now that Prithvi is married to Kritika, he is going to use this to win Preeta back. The fact that they married without any strong reason, is the biggest factor to make this possible.

Kundali Bhagya
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Sarla Arora’s hatred for the Luthras

Another factor is that Sarla Arora, Preeta’s mother, has developed a hatred for the Luthras after they insulted Preeta for trying to expose Akshay and save Kritika. When Karan himself did not back Preeta and did not try to save her from the insults, Sarla Arora developed a hatred for Karan, too. Prithvi might use this hatred of Sarla to get Preeta separated from Karan.

Kundali Bhagya
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Manipulating the Luthras

Prithvi has already won the trust of the Luthra family (minus Karan) by saving Kritika’s honour and marrying her. He might (actually, he definitely will) try to use this trust by making them feel that Preeta is not the right one for Karan. This can actually lead to Karan and Preeta’s separation and a win for Prithvi.

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Kareena Luthra’s hatred for Preeta

Out of everyone who hates Preeta in the Luthra family, Kareena Luthra, Kritika’s mother hates her the most. Kareena Luthra believes that Preeta ruined Kritika’s life by putting false accusations on Akshay, which led to Akshay calling off his marriage with Kritika. At that time, Kareena had thrown Preeta out of their house. Prithvi, who is now Kareena’s son-in-law, and also her daughter’s saviour in her eyes, will try to get Preeta ousted from the Luthra house and he may use Kareena for the same.

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Joining hands with Mahira and Sherlyn

The best plan that a villain can hatch to defeat his nemesis, the hero or the heroine, is to join forces with the other villains. In this case, Prithvi will definitely join forces with Mahira and Sherlyn, who, just like him, want to see Karan and Preeta separated. What we have to see here is who approaches whom first.

Kundali Bhagya
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