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Kundali Bhagya: 5 Times When Shrishti & Sameer Proved That They Are The Ultimate #PreeRan Supporters

Tanvi Rumale

April 26, 2021

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All the times Shrishti and Sammy From Kundali Bhagya proved that they were team #PreeRan!

Shrishti (Anjum Fakih) and Sammy (Abhishek Kapur) are one of the most adorable couples on Kundali Bhagya after #PreeRan themselves. They are also #PreeRan’s biggest supporters and are always there for their siblings whenever they need them the most. Shrishti and Sammy have a similar relationship as #PreeRan and their cute banter is always delightful. But in Shrishti and Sammy’s case, love was always easy and direct. Although they are not married, they are together and happy with each other. They also love each other’s families and have always supported #PreeRan in all their problems.

To elaborate on the same, let’s take a look at #ShrishMeer’s top five moments when they supported #PreeRan!

When Preeta was made to leave the Luthra house by Kareena

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After the whole Akshay drama, Kareena was so furious with Preeta (Shraddha Arya) that she asked her to leave and go back to her house. Preeta was upset because Karan (Dheeraj Dhoopar) did not try to stop her and so she left feeling disrespected and unwanted. Karan on the other hand was angry that Preeta left without even talking to him and at the drop of a hat. This caused tension between the two and they did not meet for more than a week! Karan suffered in silence and so did Preeta but #ShrishMeer were aware of the situation and prodded their siblings over and over again so that they would drop their ego and come together!

When #ShrishmMeer helped Preeta save Karan on their honeymoon!

kundali Bhagya
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When Shrishti got suspicious about Mahira (Swati Kapoor) and Sherlyn’s (Ruhi Chaturvedi) whereabouts after #PreeRan left for their honeymoon she goes to check their rooms. She finds out that Mahira and Sherlyn have lied and might possibly be going to Manali to ruin Preeta’s honeymoon. So along with Sameer, she takes matters into her own hands and takes a trip to Manali! Shrishti and Sameer were of great help to Preeta as they are able to expose Mahira and save Karan from her vicious plan.

When Preeta is poisoned and faints during Karwa Chauth

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When Preeta is poisoned by Mahira, she faints during the Karwa Chauth celebration. Sammy gets worried and asks Shrishti to come home right away so Preeta can feel better. #ShrishMeer also try to get Preeta to eat but she does not listen. They make Karan convince her but she is adamant and rejects his request as well. But, they ask Karan to care of her which brings her some relief and happiness. And yet again they get successful in bringing out lovebirds closer to each other.

When #ShrishMeer went to jail for #PreeRan

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Shrishti was with Karan when he told her he did not trust Prithvi to be a good person. Shrishti and Karan joined hands and Sammy helped them investigate Prithvi and Rithwik’s connection. Shrishti and Sammy even go to jail for a couple of hours because they were chasing a goon who was hired by Prithvi! While #PreeRan were annoyed with these two, it was a very heartwarming thing to do!

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When Shrishti and Sameer get proofs against Prithvi

Prithvi in Kundali Bhagya
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Before Kritika’s wedding to Prithvi, #ShrishMeer tried really hard to stop it. They even investigate Prithvi and search his residence to find rather crucial proof against him. While they manage to get hold of that picture, things don’t work in their favour. Nonetheless, they lend a helping hand to Preeta and prove that they would always have her back.

Which moment did you enjoy the most?

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