Kundali Bhagya 28 January 2021 Written Update: Preeta and Srishti’s life-threatening accident

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February 5, 2021



5 min


In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Sarla and Janki worry about Preeta. Sarla video calls Preeta to talk about the past incidents. Preeta prepares to expose Akshay soon and Srishti decides to visit Kritika’s ‘haldi’ function for it. However, Sarla stops Srishti from going to the Luthra house. Srishti tries hard to convince her but she asks her to go to her room. Meanwhile, Kritika feels great about her ‘haldi’ function. Rakhi praises her attire and everyone receives her warmly. Sherlyn uses the opportunity to appear nice before everyone. Srishti decides to secretly go to the ‘haldi’ function. Preeta asks her to get the evidence against Akshay prepared and come to the Luthra house. Everyone at the Luthra house begins to celebrate Kritika’s ‘haldi’ function. Akshay comes very confidently and takes Kritika to a room. Sherlyn follows them to eavesdrop on their conversation. Akshay tells Kritika to cut off ties with Preeta. Kritika feels confused about this and Akshay leaves the room. He goes to Karan’s room wherein Preeta challenges him that she will expose him very soon. Akshay accepts her challenge and Karan suddenly arrives there. He asks them about it and keeps coming up with lies. Preeta tries to tell Karan the truth but he distracts Karan with his lies.

Watch what will happen next on Kundali Bhagya:

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Sameer keeps an eye on Akshay and hears him talking to someone. He asks that person and learns that he was talking his son, Akshay. Sherlyn tries to provoke Kritika against Preeta. Preeta phones Sameer and tells him to be careful while she is leaving to get the evidence. Preeta meets Srishti and an ally who helps them collect the evidence against Akshay. Srishti thanks him and he takes a leave, but a masked Ruchika runs into her. Unaware of her identity, Srishti and Preeta discuss their plan to expose Akshay and leave for the Luthra house. Ruchika begins to call Akshay, who is enjoying the ‘haldi’ function at the Luthra house. Akshay secretly laughs at the Luthras but fears being exposed before Karan. Sameer keeps a close eye on him. He notices Akshay feeling shocked after Ruchika calls him and informs about Srishti and Preeta’s plan. Akshay decides to stop them by any means and goes to a room. Everyone is surprised to see him behave this way. Akshay calls his henchman Babu and tells him to stop Preeta and Srishti by any means. Babu gets their pictures from Akshay and finds Preeta to be innocent.

Sameer manages to find Akshay talking to Babu in a room. He hinders their conversation and asks him to come to the living room. Babu’s ally asks him if he is unsure of the plan, but Babu decides to execute their plan. They take a truck and wait for Preeta and Srishti. Meanwhile, Karan looks for Preeta on not finding her around. Sameer stops him from going to the room and lies that she is planning to give Akshay’s family a surprise. Babu runs over them and then tries to check on Preeta. The spectators try to catch him and beat him on fining Preeta unconscious. Srishti cries for help and asks the people to call an ambulance to rush Preeta to the hospital. At the Luthra house, Karan gets tears in his eyes and asks Sameer if Preeta is actually in the room. Kareena tells Karan to apply turmeric to Kritika on behalf of a coma-stricken Mahesh. Sameer steps ahead to apply turmeric to Akshay and thinks about punishing him soon. Mahira begins to worry on not finding Preeta around. She asks Sherlyn about it and the latter confirms that she must be somewhere around.

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