Kundali Bhagya 27 November 2020 Written Update: Mahira and Sherlyn’s revelation disgusts Preeta

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December 1, 2020


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In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Janki reveals to the Luthras that Sherlyn has gotten Sarla arrested. Rishabh questions Sherlyn about getting Sarla arrested before consulting anyone in the family. Srishti accuses Sherlyn of plotting against Sarla. Mahira sees Preeta leaving and informs Ramona, who tells her to wait for the next step of their plan against Sarla and Preeta. Preeta breaks down and cries on seeing Sarla behind the bars. Sarla tells Preeta to return home and finish the ‘Karva Chauth’ rituals without any delay. Sherlyn phones the lady doctor, who confirms that Sarla’s ‘Sargi Ke Laddus‘ had poison in it. Rishabh and Karan talk to the doctor but still do not believe that Sarla can poison anybody. Kareena defends Sherlyn and lashes out at Janki and Srishti. While ousting them from the house, Kareena threatens to punish Sarla for her actions.

Watch what will happen next on Kundali Bhagya:

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Kareena tells Janki and Srishti to go to police station and tell Sarla that she will get severe punishments for her for trying to poison Sherlyn. Srishti worries for Sarla and rushes to see her. Rishabh calls her but Dadi suddenly falls unconscious. Later, Sherlyn calls Mahira her soul sister and thanks her for putting Sarla down and hurting Preeta. Mahira tells her that she will get Karan anyhow and if that does not happen, she can even destroy the Luthras to get Karan. Dadi wakes up and says that she believes in Sherlyn’s accusations. Rakhi seconds her, which makes Kareena feel happy. Karan gets upset after hearing this and leaves the room. Kareena questions Rishabh on not supporting Sherlyn and says that he is making Sherlyn feel lonely. Dadi holds Sarla responsible for Sherlyn’s condition and decides not to forgive her. Dadi tells Kareena to begin performing ‘Karva Chauth’ rituals without Preeta. Rakhi requests her to wait for Preeta but in vain.

Srishti breaks down and cries outside the Luthra house after not finding an auto rickshaw. Janki pacifies her and tells her that Preeta is fulfilling her responsbilities. Preeta’s decision to leave Sarla alone and prioritize ‘Karva Chauth’ rituals perplexes Srishti. Preeta arrives there and Janki motivates Preeta and Srishti. Preeta enters Mahira’s room and warns her and Sherlyn to be careful. A furious Preeta confirms Sherlyn about being aware of her accusations on Sarla to be false. She continues by suggesting Sherlyn to leave Sarla alone and never involve her due to their enmity. Preeta tells Mahira and Sherlyn to stop their pretence. She reminds Sherlyn that Sarla had shown concern for her unborn child even though she does not like her. However, it does not affect Sherlyn or Mahira. They begin to make fun of Preeta and Sarla. Mahira claims that their plan is working great, if it is hurting her. She reveals to Preeta how Ramona had convinced Sherlyn to consume the poisoned ‘Sargi Ke Laddus’. Preeta feels disgusted about Sherlyn’s decision to risk her unborn child’s life. Sherlyn proudly tells Preeta that she has nothing to prove her or Mahira guilty in the court of law.

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