Kundali Bhagya 27 July 2021 Written Update: A doctor tells Preeta that she is not pregnant

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July 27, 2021


Kundali Bhagya

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In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta tells Sherlyn that the Luthras can oust her from the house if they learn that the latter had tried to harm her unborn child. She requests Sherlyn to promise her that she will never repeat it again. Sherlyn pretends to be apologetic for her actions. Preeta goes to the living room, and Dadi and Kareena tell her about the plan of going to Lonavala in a bus. Sherlyn goes to her room and calls Prithvi to cut off ties with him. Meanwhile, Srishti and Janki learn that Sarla has prepared some special ‘laddoos’ for a pregnant Preeta. Janki’s English speaking skills impress Preeta. Later, Kareena asks Sherlyn not to overreact when she gets upset about handling the responsibilities of the house. Kareena praises Sarla’s efforts and questions Sanjana’s affection for Sherlyn, which angers her more. Srishti goes to the kitchen and tells Sameer to keep an eye on Sherlyn. Janki overhears Srishti telling Sameer about Sherlyn’s act of trying to harm Preeta’s unborn child. In no time, Janki decides to punish Sherlyn and begins calling her out.


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, a furious Janki keeps calling Sherlyn out, which shocks the Luthras. Dadi, Rakhi and Kareena keep asking Janki to clarify the matter. Janki reveals that Sherlyn had tried to harm Preeta. However, Srishti and Preeta request Janki to avoid exposing Sherlyn for everyone’s happiness. Srishti lies to everyone that Janki is just upset because Sherlyn does not cooperate with Preeta.

Sameer and Preeta try to pacify Janki and Karan arrives there. Janki asks Karan to promise that he will look after Preeta. Karan tries to ask Janki for the reason behind her sudden requests but he overlooks everything. Mahesh brings a luxury bus for their trip to Lonavala. Kareena notices that Dadi is excited for the journey more than attending Sonakshi’s wedding.

Dadi talks to Sherlyn about the news of Preeta’s pregnancy and suggests her to stay positive. Sherlyn pretends to accept her advice but her envy does not end. Meanwhile, Preeta visits a hospital for her routine checkup. Mahesh goes to the room designed by Rakhi for the children. They video call Preeta and Karan to thank them for bringing happiness back to their lives. Later, a doctor shocks Preeta by saying that she is not pregnant.

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