Kundali Bhagya 27 February 2021 Written Update: Mahira uses Prithvi’s tactic to separate Karan and Preeta

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February 26, 2021



7 min


In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, at Prithvi’s insistence, Kareena asks Preeta to make arrangements for his wedding with Kritika. Everyone returns to their room after this and an upset Preeta recalls Prithvi’s threat. Preeta reveals about Kritika’s sudden wedding with Prithvi to Srishti over a phone call. Srishti tries to visit Kritika to convince her to leave Prithvi. Preeta tells her not to do this and shares how Kareena is supporting Prithvi. Srishti tells Preeta that Prithvi must have taken advantage of a heartbroken Kritika. Preeta tells her that Kritika is getting formally married to Prithvi for everyone soon. Kareena sees Dadi watching TV instead of preparing for the wedding. Kareena joins her when after learns that it is the promo of Indian Pro Music League opening ceremony. Kareena feels bad for being unable to invite a celeb to perform at Kritika’s wedding. A furious Karan vandalises his room and calls Rishabh to inform him about Kritika’s wedding with Prithvi. However, Rishabh gets confused when Karan tells him that she is marrying Prithvi again. Rakhi tries to pacify Karan, but in vain. Preeta finds herself helpless when Rakhi tries to talk to her about it. Prithvi makes an excuse to Kritika and enters Sherlyn’s room to pacify her. However, Sherlyn begins to beat Prithvi on seeing him. Soon, they both lie on her bed and breathe heavily after a long fight.

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In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta keeps wondering about Prithvi’s actions and realises how she was never believing Karan when he point out his behaviour. Preeta worries about Prithvi’s ulterior motive behind marry Kritika. Meanwhile, Prithvi and Sherlyn move out of Sherlyn’s bed after resting. They continue their fight again and Prithvi struggles to convince her that he loves her. Prithvi reminds Sherlyn that she had married Rishabh for his plan to destory the Luthras. Prithvi confesses to Sherlyn that he has cheated her as a partner-in-crime to teach her a lesson. Prithvi tells her that she had forgotten their motive and was busy with Mahira’s futile attempts. Preeta visits Kritika, who asks Preeta to forget the past. Kritika shares how Akshay was a mistake and thanks Preeta for her actions. She requests Preeta to help her build a happy and healthy marriage with Prithvi. She praises Prithvi before Preeta and tells her that they had always misjudged him. Preeta tells Kritika that she want to meet Prithvi and they both begin to look for her. In Rishabh and Sherlyn’s room, Prithvi strangles Sherlyn when she asks him about getting married. Sherlyn gets mad at Prithvi and tells him that she does not him. Sherlyn says that he left her pregnant but always loved Preeta and eventually married Kritika. Prithvi calms Sherlyn by telling her that he has never touched Kritika because he still loves her. Sherlyn asks Prithvi why he missed calling him on Valentine’s Day and he fails to come up with an excuse. She realises it and begins to fight with him again. Prithvi tries to convince her and suddenly Preeta arrives outside the room. Preeta realises that Prithvi and Sherlyn are in Rishabh’s room and calls Kritika there. Kritika gets a glimpse of him while asking Sherlyn about Prithvi’s presence there. They enter the room and begin to look for him but fail to catch him.

Karan, in his room, packs his cricket kit and prepares to go for his practice but gets a cramp. He calls Preeta while struggling with the pain but Mahira arrives there. She pretends to look for Preeta around and comes back to the room to apply an ointment. Prithvi runs into Preeta while leaving from Sherlyn’s room. Preeta confronts him and asks about his presence in Sherlyn’s room. He makes fun of her and later pretends to be nice when Kritika arrives there. He lies to Kritika that Preeta still likes him and she probably has issues with Karan in their marriage. Kritika, however, does not believe it. Prithvi challenges Kritika that she will soon realise that it is true. Preeta returns to her room and gets upset on seeing Mahira close to Karan. He defends Mahira and apologises to her for Preeta’s behaviour. Sherlyn calls Prithvi to meet her at that backyard, and he runs into Mahira. Mahira thanks Prithvi after his tactic helps her create an issues between Preeta and Karan. Kareena arrives there and requests Prithvi to call his mother for a dinner. Preeta apologises to Karan for overreacting and confesses that it happened because she saw Mahira close to him. Karan leaves for his practice and tells her that he liked it. Sarla overhears Srishti and Janki’s conversation. Sarla begins to worry for Preeta after learning about Kritika and Prithvi’s wedding. Preeta calls Srishti and assures Sarla to come up with a plan to deal with Prithvi after discussing it with her. Srishti tells Sarla that Preeta has called her at the Luthra House and rushes to see her. Karan meets Mahira near the main door of the Luthra House and she asks him whether things can get normal between them again.

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