Kundali Bhagya 25 November 2020 Written Update: Janki reveals about Sarla’s arrest to the Luthras

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November 25, 2020



4 min


In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Srishti arrives at the Luthra house and Sameer walks her to Preeta’s room. Sherlyn keeps accusing Sarla of trying kill her unborn child. Rishabh and Karan call it baseless. Rishabh refuses to accept anything against Sarla. Karan tells Sherlyn that he does not believe her accusation just like he does not believe her pregnancy to be real. Dadi tells everyone that she does not believe Sarla can poison Sherlyn’s unborn child and tells Kareena to end this discussion. Kritika inform everyone about a missing Sherlyn, who arrives at the Sarla house. Sarla and Janki are shocked at Sherlyn’s accusations. Janki fights the police to stop Sarla’s arrest. Preeta feels worried about Sarla and tries to call her. Karan arrives and tells Srishti to convince Preeta to eat something. Preeta tells Srishti and Karan that she is fasting to strengthen her relationship with Karan and she will only break it ritually.

Watch what will happen next on Kundali Bhagya:

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya,  Janki begs the police to let Sarla go. The lady inspector scolds Janki for hindering her task to arrest Sarla. She suggests Janki to hire a lawyer to bail Sarla out. Sherlyn secretly tells Sarla that this is a testing time for Preeta, who will have to break her fast to save Sarla. Janki trips over while running after the police vehicle to save Sarla and Sherlyn makes fun of her. Meanwhile, Mahira pretends to phone Sherlyn and shows that she is unaware of her whereabouts. Mahira feels glad to see Dadi and Kareena worry about a missing Sherlyn. Sherlyn returns to the Luthra house and apprises Mahira of the situation at the Sarla house. Mahira and Sherlyn prepare to see Sarla tell Preeta to leave Karan and the Luthras. Sameer, Srishti and Karan look after a bedridden Preeta. Later, Karan gives Preeta a head massage and the latter is surprised to see Karan be so caring towards her.

Preeta feels worried about Sarla and keeps calling her, but nobody answers the phone. Girish brings a lawyer Rashmi Chaubey, Preeta’s college mate, to Preeta’s room. Rashmi discusses with them about a court case related to her lover Akhil Shrivastava, who is accused of shooting her father. Preeta and Srishti question Rashmi about her decision to fight for the person who tried to shoot her father. Rashmi suggests everyone to watch ‘Bicchoo Ka Khel’ on Alt Balaji to know more about it. At the police station, a cop scolds Sarla for being a cold-hearted killer, who tried to kill Sherlyn’s unborn child. Janki arrives at the Luthra house and creates a ruckus, which shocks Rakhi and the Luthra family. However, Sherlyn and Mahira rejoice over the success of their plan. Sherlyn arrives before Janki, who accuses Sherlyn of always making a mess of everyone’s life. Srishti arrives there and tries to pacify Janki. However, Janki’s revelation about Sarla’s arrest shocks Srishti, Preeta and the Luthras.

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