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Kundali Bhagya 16 February 2023 Written Update: Srishti and Dadi help Preeta overpower Anjali


February 24, 2023

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Dadi and Srishti help Preeta overpower Anjali and Shambhu as they try to abduct Preeta. To know what happens next on Kundali Bhagya, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Kritika struggles to get Arjun and Kareena to believe that Prithvi had rendered her unconscious and put her in a trunk. In a room, Arjun reveals to Kritika that she is right. Kareena finds Kritika’s behaviour strange when she suddenly pretends that nothing had happened. Meanwhile, Shambhu and his recruits follow Priyanka and Anjali to a room.¬†Prithvi regains consciousness in a room wherein Sherlyn is sitting next to him. Sherlyn falls for his lies that he wants to marry Preeta to gain her wealth for the both of them. At Shambhu’s base, he is shocked to learn that they have abducted Anjali. Anjali pays him INR 50 lakh and offers him more to take him to the Luthra Mansion and abduct Preeta. Rakhi goes to Preeta’s room and gets shocked to see Priyanka lying unconscious there. She helps Priyanka regain consciousness and then gets to an unconscious Preeta too.


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Rakhi helps Priyanka regain consciousness and then looks for Preeta. She sees an unconscious Preeta and tries hard to bring her back to her senses. Priyanka fears being exposed if Preeta regains consciousness. Anjali calls Priyanka to inform her that she was abducted by Shambhu’s recruits and that she is returning soon. She suggests Priyanka a plan to stop Preeta from revealing the truth to Rakhi. Priyanka suggests Rakhi to get water from the kitchen and then brings Preeta back to her senses.

After Preeta regains consciousness, she is shocked to see Priyanka near her. Priyanka lies to her that Anjali has left the mandap as she has had a change of heart. In no time, Rakhi arrives there with water but Preeta lies to her about her unconsciousness. They prepare to return to the mandap and Rakhi goes to the kitchen to bring a glass of refreshment for Preeta. Suddenly, Shambhu’s recruits arrive there and help Priyanka drag Preeta out of the house. Anjali, waiting at the gate, mocks Preeta and asks Shambhu to be a little careful. Preeta confronts Anjali and reminds her that she is making a mistake.

Preeta slaps Anjali and calls her the other woman for trying to snatch Karan from her. Dadi sees Srishti in a room and finds her upset. She encourages Srishti to avoid judging Sameer for not being romantic with her. They plan to do something to teach Sameer a lesson. Meanwhile, Preeta tells Anjali that she has married Karan twice already and that breaking their marriage is impossible for her. Anjali tries to reinstate that Arjun is not Karan. Preeta lashes out at Anjali for her actions and threatens her that Arjun will soon throw her out of his life. Anjali gets upset and asks Shambhu’s recruits to take Preeta away. Unexpectedly, Dadi and Srishti arrive there to help Preeta handcuff Shambhu’s recruits and him.

What will happen next? Stream Kundali Bhagya premiere episodes before TV only with ZEE5! Watch more stories on ZEE5News.

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