Kundali Bhagya 15 January 2021 Written Update: Preeta and Srishti visit Akshay’s house

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January 14, 2021



5 min


In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Ramona apprises Kareena of Preeta’s accusations against Akshay. She defends Akshay before Kareena and shows concern for Kritika. Kareena falls for Ramona’s ploy and loses her temper. Ramona tells Sherlyn and Mahira how she instigated Kareena. The Luthras bid Akshay’s family adieu and Preeta apologises to Akshay again. Akshay shows that he is fine and Kareena notices all this. After they leave, Preeta asks Rakhi for permission to drop Srishti home. Preeta, Srishti and Sameer tell Sarla how they failed to catch Ruchika. Sameer and Preeta return home and Kareena begins to question Preeta. Kareena badmouths Sarla’s upbringing, which hurts Preeta. Karan tries to defend Preeta but Kareena tells him to keep out of it. Preeta breaks down into tears, but Kareena continues to scold and insult her. Mahira and Sherlyn enjoy seeing Preeta’s state before everyone.

Watch what will happen next on Kundali Bhagya:

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Kareena lashes out at Preeta for accusing Akshay of cheating on Kritika. Karan tries to defend Preeta against Kareena. Kareena accuses Preeta of pushing Mahira off the staircase. She questions Karan’s decision of marrying Preeta. However, Kareena scolds him as well and questions his love for Kritika. He aggressively replies that he loves his sister and he need not prove it to anybody. Mahira enjoys to see Preeta burst into tears after Kareena badmouths Sarla. Kareena tells Preeta to keep away from Kritika and show some class. Rakhi suggests Kareena not to talk about past instances while discussing this issue. However, it has no effects on a furious Kareena. Kritika feels bad for Preeta but fails to help her. Later, Mahira goes to Sherlyn’s room and apprises her of this. Sherlyn begins to hatch a ploy against Preeta. Sherlyn tells Mahira to pretend being against Akshay before Preeta. Karan, in the balcony of his room, recollects everything and feels bad. Preeta arrives there and she walks up to him. Karan pacifies her and she tries to talk to him about Akshay. Karan says that he believes in her but she is just overthinking about Akshay.

Karan assures Preeta that he will be the first person to support her if Akshay is proven wrong. He tells Preeta to be careful because she may unknowingly hurt many people while exposing Akshay. He also mentions that he does not like it when anybody speaks ill about her. He suggests her not to give anyone such a chance in the future. The next morning, Mahira and Sherlyn begin a pretentious conversation. After being sure that Preeta is eavesdropping on their conversation, they discuss how Akshay is a bad person. Sherlyn says something that makes Preeta phone Srishti. Preeta and Srishti meet at a market and Preeta informs her about the situation at home. They decide to visit Akshay’s house and get evidence against him. Srishti suggests to take Sameer and Kritika with them. Preeta agrees to it and they all arrive at Akshay’s house. Akshay’s mother and father are happy to see them. Sameer and Srishti give a strange list of dishes to Akshay’s mother. Unaware of the plan, Kritika joins Akshay’s mother in the kitchen. Preeta and Srishti enter Akshay’s room, while he is in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Sherlyn and Mahira eagerly wait to make their next move.

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