Kundali Bhagya 13 January 2021 Written Update: Ramona turns Kareena against Preeta

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January 12, 2021



4 min


In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta rushes to the guest room and takes Kritika with her. Karan follows them and they all enter the guest room wherein Akshay has a drink in his hand. He apologises to Kritika for drinking and pretends to be nice to her. While Preeta accuses him of cuddling a girl in the room, he keeps distracting everyone. Akshay pretends to be unaware about Preeta’s accusations. Surprisingly, Sherlyn arrives there and soon Ramona enters the room. Meanwhile, Ruchika stays hidden in the wardrobe. Akshay confirms that he was cuddling Ruchika. Karan and Kritika, who were initially shocked, begin to feel confused after Akshay confesses cuddling Ruchika. Kritika recalls Ruchika and reveals to everyone that she is a college friend. Akshay makes it appear that Preeta has misunderstood him and then leaves. Karan pacifies Preeta and brings her to talk to Akshay. Akshay says that he could have broken the alliance and called off the wedding. He mentions that he did get upset but didn’t respond because of Kritika.

Watch what will happen next on Kundali Bhagya:

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Karan and Kritika try and make Akshay understand the reason behind Preeta’s accusations. Akshay pretends to be okay about it. Preeta apologises to him for accusing him of cheating on Kritika with Ruchika. Meanwhile, Srishti manages to unlock Akshay’s phone and begins to call Preeta. Akshay asks Preeta to take the call. Srishti reveals to Preeta that Akshay is having an affair with Ruchika. Preeta initially does not believe her but his phone records make her believe in Srishti’s claims. Suddenly, Akshay begins to look for his phone and Preeta alerts Srishti. Akshay finds his phone in the corridor and walks away. Srishti and Preeta begin to call Ruchika. Ruchika believes their false statements and thinks about coming out. However, Akshay messages her to escape without being seen. Ruchika uses the window to escape from the room and arrives at the parking area of the Luthra house. Srishti and Sameer rush to catch Ruchika and run into Sameer. While they explain the matter to Sameer, Ruchika gets inside a stranger’s car.

Sameer sees her hiding in a car, but she manages to escape from them. They decide to talk to Karan first and expose Akshay as soon as possible. Sameer feels positive about the fact that Kareena has not come to know about all this. He fears that Kareena may lash out at Preeta if she comes to know about her accusations against Akshay. Sherlyn tells Mahira about her plan to turn Kritika against Preeta. As the first step of their plan, Sherlyn and Mahira meet Akshay and try to instigate him. Kareena feels overwhelmed with joy while discussing about the gifts for Akshay’s family with Dadi. Sherlyn tries to badmouth Preeta before Akshay’s family, which Rakhi and Kritika dislike. However, Akshay’s mother praises Preeta. Ramona decides to use the opportunity against Preeta and she goes to Kareena’s room. She tells Kareena that she may not believe her revelatin as she is Mahira’s mother. Kareena insists her to reveal the truth. Ramona tells Kareena that Preeta has accused Akshay of cheating on Kritika. This news leaves Kareena shocked and she begins to lose her temper.

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