Kundali Bhagya 13 April 2021 Written Update: ACP Vijay puts Preeta behind the bars

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April 12, 2021


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In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, ACP Vijay questions Kritika about her whereabouts and she blurts out about being in a car. On being questioned, Karan reveals to ACP Vijay that he was at the hotel with Mahira. Karan mentions that Preeta that did not arrive there and he left for home. Prithvi defends Preeta when ACP Vijay orders his subordinate Sushila to arrest her. Karan begins to argue with ACP Vijay about the accusations against Preeta. Rakhi requests ACP Vijay to let her talk to Preeta in person. In a room with Rakhi, Preeta reveals to her about visiting Akshay and hitting him with a wooden tray. Rakhi insists her to reveal the complete story but she does not reveal about Kritika to her. Rakhi calms her and tells her to escape from a window or else she would be jailed. Meanwhile, Kareena defends Karan when ACP Vijay tries to arrest him for stopping Preeta’s arrest. ACP Vijay questions Kareena’s behaviour regarding Preeta’s arrest. He accuses her of trying to frame Preeta and then says that he was just joking. Sushila brings Preeta out of the room and reveals that Rakhi was trying to hide her.

Watch what will happen next on Kundali Bhagya:

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Sushila, ACP Vijay’s subordinate, brings Preeta out of a room and arrests her. She reveals that Rakhi had locked her in a room to hide her. Rakhi asks Preeta why she did not escape when she asked her to. Karan fights ACP Vijay’s team to stop Preeta’s arrest. ACP Vijay orders to arrest him as well, which makes Preeta fight them. Preeta reveals to Karan before everyone that she had visited Akshay at the hotel.

Preeta begins to explain how Akshay was harassing Kritika. She shares that she had visited him only to stop this. However, a heated argument and Akshay’s misbehaviour led her to hit him with a wooden tray. Karan and the other people in the family get shocked to hear this. Karan gets upset with Preeta for keeping him uninformed and leaves from there. Mahira shows three fingers to Preeta and reminds her of the third day of her challenge. Mahesh learns about Preeta’s arrest from Kareena. However, Kareena and Dadi stop him from helping her.

Pammi looks down on Preeta and quietly waits to expose Sherlyn. Sarla lashes out at Rakhi when she apprises her of Preeta’s arrest over a phone call. Kritika fails to convince Karan to help Preeta and later visits the police station. Sherlyn scolds Prithvi for being worried about Preeta. Prithvi and Sherlyn get into an argument when Sherlyn accuses him of Akshay’s murder. ACP Vijay makes a note of all the suspects and tells Preeta to confess the complete truth. Mahira celebrates her victory after seeing Karan upset with Preeta.

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