Kundali Bhagya 12 March 2021 Written Update: Kareena gets sceptical about Prithvi

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March 11, 2021


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In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Karan leaves Mahira and begins to dance with Preeta again, which angers Prithvi and Mahira. Karan gets close to Preeta while dancing with her. Pammi says that probably they are still in the honeymoon phase. Prithvi tells Kritika that Preeta is doing this to make him jealous of Karan. Suresh and Rishabh come from Mahesh’s room and meet Prithvi. Suresh thanks Prithvi and explains that his arrival has been lucky for the Luthras. Prithvi gets shocked to learn that a comatose Mahesh is getting better. Pammi takes Suresh away for something. Mahira, in her room, unleashes her evil side after Karan and Kareena leave. Preeta gets shocked to learn that Mahira had been pretending to be a changed person. Rishabh tries to talk to Kritika in person, but she insists Rishabh to say everything before Prithvi. Rishabh apologises to Kritika for being harsh with Prithvi and upsetting her. Prithvi keeps answering for Kritika and she quietly listens to Rishabh. Soon, Srishti and Sameer arrive there and Prithvi notices their happiness. He tells Sherlyn to keep an eye on Srishti, but Rishabh gets in her away and takes her to Pammi. Sherlyn lies to Pammi about how she met Rishabh and got married to him. Rishabh asks her about appearing tensed. Sherlyn, while leaving from there, keeps thinking why Rishabh is so nice to her. Kareena gets in Sherlyn’s way and asks her about looking tensed. Sherlyn makes an excuse and tells Kareena that she is going to her room. Prithvi tells Kritika that he is restless and getting nervous. He leaves from there to keep an eye on Srishti. Kritika thinks that he is uncomfortable because of Rishabh.

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In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Prithvi quietly leaves from the living room and Sherlyn sees this and follows him. Prithvi runs into his mother and tells her to stop Kritika from following him. She tries to tell him to focus on his wedding but he leaves after giving her a warning. Kritika arrives there and asks Prithvi’s mother about him. She makes an excuse and takes Kritika with her to meet some guests. Sherlyn enters her room and begins to scold Prithvi for meeting her secretly. She tells him to be careful as Rishabh has returned home. Prithvi tells her that he is feeling wrong about the change in Srishti’s behaviour. He tells Sherlyn about his observations and they realise that Srishti is planning to expose Prithvi. Meanwhile, Kareena feels worried about Sherlyn and walks towards her room. Prithvi begins to lose his cool and Sherlyn cuddles Prithvi to pacify him. Kareena opens the door and gets shocked to see Sherlyn with Prithvi. Srishti shows the evidence against Prithvi to Preeta, and Sameer enters the room. Srishti reveals that Prithvi was trying to make fun of her but she gives him a befitting reply. She tells Preeta how she mistakenly revealed to Prithvi that she is going to expose him soon. Preeta thanks Sameer and Srishti for getting the evidence. Kareena lashes out at Prithvi and Sherlyn and decides to call off his wedding with Kritika. She clarifies that his mass wedding does not hold any value in her eyes.

Sherlyn tries hard to convince Kareena that she is misjudging them both. Prithvi decides to kill Kareena and secretly lifts a knife to attack her. Sherlyn sees this and secretly stops him. She takes away the knife and tries to hide it. Kareena tries to call Rishabh and feels perplexed to see Mahira at the door. Mahira, with a glass of water, begins to pretend that she had gone to bring it for Prithvi. She begins to cook a story that Prithvi is feeling nervous of Kritika’s status. Mahira tells how he is thinking of backing out from the wedding. Kareena tells him that she has no issues about it and decides to tell Kritika and cancel the wedding. Prithvi quickly rushes towards Kareena and stops her from leaving. He falsely promises he will always look after Kritika. Kareena loses the faith in him but leaves from there to think about her decisions related to Kritika. Prithvi tells Mahira and Sherlyn to keep an eye on Srishti. Kareena, while walking to Kritika’s room, recalls that Prithvi is not a person who will get nervous. She decides to talk to Kritika about it, but Kritika’s affection for him stops her. Kareena gets sceptical about marrying Kritika to Prithvi and decides to know more about him. In Preeta’s room, Srishti and Sameer explain how everything was easy at Prithvi’s house. Preeta points out at the loopholes and tells them the security guard is aware of their plan. Srishti, Sameer and Preeta decide to show the evidence to Kareena.

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