Kundali Bhagya 11 September 2021 Upcoming Story: Karan and Sonakshi fight to get their right over Pihu

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In the next episode, the Luthras breathe a sigh of relief after learning that Pihu is at home. Soon, Sonakshi arrives at the Luthra House, which stuns everyone. She keeps saying that she has come to tell Preeta and Karan the truth about the past. Kareena keeps asking Sonakshi to leave without letting her finish what she had to say. Sonakshi reveals about Yashvardhan’s lies and says that Pihu is her and Karan’s daughter. Srishti and Kareena cross-examine Sonakshi when she begins to explain how she learned that Pihu is her daughter. Preeta begins to worry and asks Kritika to take Pihu to her playroom.

Sherlyn makes a video call to Prithvi to reveal about Sonakshi and Pihu. He feels at peace to hear everything and tells Sherlyn about his plan to usurp the Luthras’ wealth. Preeta gets angry with Sonakshi when she tells Pihu that she is her real mother. Sonakshi explains that she did not know about Pihu earlier and reveals how Yashvardhan told her the truth later. Karan lashes out at Sonakshi when she says that she got to know from the orphanage that Pihu’s biological father Karan has adopted her. Kareena keeps rebutting Sonakshi’s claims and asks her to leave at once. Dadi gets sceptical of Kareena’s actions and decides to find out the truth.

Dadi and Rakhi take Kareena to a room to ask her if she knew about Pihu’s reality before Karan and Preeta adopted her. Later, Neetu, the female orphanage staff, reveals about the details that Kareena had about Pihu. Rakhi tries to convince Sonakshi that Pihu is in good hands and the Luthras will raise her with love and care. However, Sonakshi says that she wants to take Pihu back by any means. Karan loses his cool and tells Sonakshi that Pihu is his and Preeta’s daughter. He warns Sonakshi that he will not let anybody take Pihu away from them. Preeta quietly observes Karan and Sonakshi, and is caught in her dilemma. Watch Kundali Bhagya serial premiere episodes to find out what happens.

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