Kundali Bhagya 11 January 2021 Written Update: Preeta again sees Akshay coming close to Ruchika

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January 8, 2021



4 min


In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Akshay and Ruchika enjoy shopping at a supermarket and run into Kritika while leaving from there. Kritika assumes that he is here to surprise her and she quickly gets inside. Ruchika stays hidden at the backseat. While getting down, Kritika sees the red dress that she had chosen at the mall. However, Akshay distracts her by cuddling her. Preeta and Rakhi make arrangements for the ‘jaago’ function. Everyone gathers at the ‘jaago’ function wherein Sherlyn taunts Ramona before Sanjana and Mahira. Preeta keeps worrying about Kritika but fails to reveal about Akshay to her. She makes Kritika promise that she will come and tell her if there is any problem ever. Karan arrives there and cuddles Preeta by making an excuse. He confesses that he loves to cuddle her. He escorts Kritika outside and Preeta begins to recall the sweet moments with Karan.

Watch what will happen next on Kundali Bhagya:

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, a team of folk dancers arrive at Akshay-Kritika’s ‘jaago’ function. Karan begins to dance with them. Soon, his and Akshay’s family members join him. Mahira gets upset with Sherlyn for losing an opportunity to impress everyone. Akshay gets worried due to someone frequently calling him. Preeta notices this and finds him putting his phone on airplane mode. Srishti arrives at the Luthra house and keeps looking for Preeta. Srishti meets her and reveals her plan to steal Akshay’s phone to spy on him. Srishti meets Akshay and tries to distract him by offering him refreshments. Surprisingly, Ruchika arrives there and Akshay notices her around. He leaves his drink and quickly goes after her. Srishti uses the opportunity to steal his phone. He secretly goes to a room and meets Ruchika in private. Akshay asks Ruchika for the reason behind her unexpected visit. Ruchika begins to question about his decision to marry Kritika. Akshay tells her that he has no option but to marry Kritika.

Ruchika reminds Akshay of something private and he confirms that he has not forgotten it. Preeta arrives outside the room after following them for sometime. She peaks through a window and tries to eavesdrop on their conversation. Preeta gets shocked to see Akshay cuddle Ruchika. She decides to go and bring Kritika to inform her about this. In the living room, Rakhi reminisces a coma-stricken Mahesh during a ritual that is to be performed by him. Kareena confirms that they will make Mahesh perform this ritual. Karan reveals that he has seen some movements in him. Rakhi confirms that even she has observed this. While the other family members rejoice over this news, Sherlyn begins to panic. Karan tells Kritika that Akshay is lucky to get married to her. Karan answers Rishabh’s phone call and they talk to him about ‘jaago’. Suddenly, Preeta comes running and looks for Kritika. She tells Kritika to come with her immediately. Kritika finds it strange and Karan gets shocked to see Preeta panic.

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