Kundali Bhagya 10 March 2021 Written Update: Sameer and Srishti find evidence against Prithvi

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March 10, 2021



6 min


In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Prithvi assures Sherlyn that the evidence that can expose their past is safe with him. He keeps thinking about the people who can get to that evidence. Prithvi sees everyone at the Luthra House, but Srishti’s absence begins to bother him. Meanwhile, Srishti arrives outside Prithvi’s house. She finds a security guard who was usually not posted there. At the Luthra House, Mahira pretends to bring Preeta and Karan together. Preeta finds it unusual and begins to doubt Mahira’s intentions and tells Karan about it. Karan overlooks it and tells Preeta that she is just overthinking. Srishti hides in Prithvi’s kitchen and gets scared to see someone opening the door. Suddenly, that person holds a knife and walks towards Srishti. She feels at peace to find that it is Sameer, who is just teasing her. Sameer explains how he fooled the guard and took the key from Prithvi’s flower pot. Mahira begins to serve refreshments to the guests and tells Kareena that she is just trying to help them. Kareena begins to lose her temper when Mahira tells her that Preeta is busy spending time with Karan. Mahira says that Preeta is intentionally avoiding the tasks at the function to upset Kareena. She tells Kareena that Preeta is doing it to begin a family feud. Later, Kareena walks to the guest room and scolds Preeta for keeping all the family members busy.

Watch what will happen next on Kundali Bhagya:

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Kareena finds Preeta in the guest room with Suresh, Rakhi and Pammi. She scolds Preeta for trying to keep the family members away from Kritika’s function. Suresh reveals that he had been practising a surprise dance performance with Pammi by Preeta’s help. Soon, Preeta reveals to Kareena about the incident when she had seen her with Karan. She explains to Kareena how Karan was insisting her to stay in a corner with him. She further tells Kareena how she took him to Rishabh and tried to convince Karan for a dance performance to make Kritika feel better. Karan gets upset with Preeta for saying such a thing. However, Rishabh seconds Preeta and suggests Karan to support their sister, Kritika. On hearing this, Kareena steps back and begins to calm down. Preeta assures Kareena that she will never do anything that will hurt her, Kritika or the Luthra family. Suddenly, Janki arrives there and seconds it. After she takes a leave, Suresh and Pammi tell Kareena that she should be proud of Preeta. They tell Kareena not to worry about the function as Preeta will be able to manage it magnificently. Rakhi tells Kareena that no matter what the situations are she will never go against her. She reminds Kareena that they all are a family and nobody can set them apart. Meanwhile, Srishti and Sameer come up with a plan to avoid getting caught.

Srishti applies a layer of shaving cream on Sameer’s face and tells him to pretend as Prithvi before the security guard. Sameer tries his best but soon begins to overdo it and the security guard begins to doubt him. He recalls Prithvi sensing something dangerous tonight and suggesting him to be extra careful. To test Sameer, he tells Sameer that he has shaving cream on his nose. He notices Sameer’s hand and asks him about the ring. Sameer overlooks it and tries to distract him by saying that women wear rings. This assures the security guard that it is not Prithvi but an impostor. Srishti, who is hiding in a wardrobe, realises this but keeps mum. The security guard pretends to be unaware of anything and steps out of the room to call Prithvi and alert him. Prithvi gets his phone call and tries to answer. First, a waiter and then Prithvi’s college friend Shubham runs into Prithvi. Shubham badmouths Prithvi, who makes fun of him while recalling how he had beaten him during the college days. Shubham asks Prithvi about Sherlyn and their affair, which begins to upset him and worries Sherlyn. Kritika arrives there and Prithvi introduces him to her. He questions Prithvi if he has revealed about Sherlyn to Kritika, who tends to overlook it as usual. Kritika takes away Prithvi’s phone and does not let him talk on the phone to make him focus on the function. Prithvi later takes Shubham to a room and beats him. Sameer finds strong evidence from Prithvi’s locker that gives him and Srishti a ray of rope. Karan includes Preeta in his surprise dance for Kritika. However, a jealous Prithvi pushes Mahira ahead to spoil their performance.

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