Kundali Bhagya 09 July 2021 Written Update: Sherlyn mourns the loss of her unborn child

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July 9, 2021


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In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Sherlyn decides to get rid of Preeta and calls her hitman to kill her. Mahira happily joins her plan and they meet the hitman to execute the plan. Mahira begins to fear after learning that he is going to run over Preeta. Mahira tries to reason with Sherlyn, who avoids her suggestions. At a jewellery store, Prithvi feels suffocated with Kritika, who is glad to shop for their wedding. Sherlyn decides to execute the plan keeping Prithvi uninformed. Prithvi runs out of the shop to go and save Preeta when he learns about Sherlyn’s plan from the hitman. Sherlyn steps out of her car to throw Preeta under the truck. Mahira follows Sherlyn when she sees that the latter is fainting. Mahira accidentally pushes Sherlyn and she meets with an accident. Preeta calls Karan there and Prithvi sees them taking her to a hospital. Prithvi sees Mahira before leaving from there and worries for Sherlyn. Karan tries to calm Rishabh down and Prithvi comes running. Prithvi blurts out that he has lodged a police complaint against the trucker. Preeta asks Prithvi how he learned about it and everyone gets suspicious of him.


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, at the hospital, Preeta keeps interrogating Prithvi but he fails to answer her questions. Karan and Rishabh keep looking at them and try to understand the matter. Suddenly, a nurse arrives there and Prithvi walks away from there to answer a phone call. Prithvi secretly calls Mahira and asks her about her whereabouts. Soon, Prithvi decides to teach Mahira a lesson when he realises that she is lying to him.

Mahesh, Rakhi, Dadi and Kareena arrive at the hospital to check on Sherlyn. Rakhi begins to look pale after the doctor reveals that Sherlyn’s condition is very critical. Rakhi looks for a place to worship in the hospital. Preeta, Rakhi, Dadi, and Kareena pray to Lord Ganesha for Sherlyn‘s recovery. Rakhi keeps saying that she is getting a bad intuition but everyone tells her to stay positive. Rishabh keeps looking at Sherlyn being operated on with teary eyes. The doctor manages to save Sherlyn but not her unborn child. The Luthras bring Sherlyn home and everyone mourns the loss of her unborn child.

Rakhi sheds tears for the unborn child. Preeta goes there to pacify her while Kareena stands outside the room feeling bad for Rakhi. Sanjana visits Sherlyn to talk to her and make her feel better. Sherlyn asks for Prithvi, who suddenly arrives there. Prithvi cuddles Sherlyn to calm her down, which shocks Sanjana. Sanjana locks the room and scolds Prithvi for his actions. Sherlyn asks her to leave but Prithvi asks the former to relax. Much to Sherlyn’s dismay, Prithvi calls it good riddance while trying to console her.

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