Kundali Bhagya 08 September 2021 Upcoming Story: Prithvi abducts Pihu to hurt the Luthras

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In the next episode, Sherlyn begins to worry when she learns about Kareena’s advice to Karan and Preeta. A furious Sherlyn repents fighting with Prithvi and begins to call him frequently. However, he enjoys his time having a warm cup of tea with Kritika. Prithvi gets shocked to hear his phone ringing and Kritika tells him to answer it. Prithvi lies to Sherlyn that he is busy with a conference. She asks him to video call her as she suspects him of being in Kritika’s room. He struggles to come up with ideas to prove himself honest.

Rakhi asks Sherlyn to prepare for the Janmashtami celebration. Karan pretends to be annoyed with Preeta for being worried about being unable to have a child. Preeta prays to Lord Krishna to bless her with a child. Suddenly, a little girl named Pihu enters the Luthra House. Gayatri and Shilpa, Kareena’s friends, help Karan and Preeta complete Pihu’s adoptions formalities. Sherlyn and Prithvi feel upset after seeing Karan, Preeta and the other Luthras happy. They discuss how Preeta’s economic background or Karan’s past with Sonakshi did not separate them. Sameer calls Sarla and Rakhi tells her about Pihu’s adoption. Sarla and Srishti visit the Luthra house to celebrate the good news and Janmashtami.

After the Janmashtami celebration, Karan and Preeta argue over putting Pihu to sleep. The next day, Karan, Kritika, Sarla and Preeta look for Pihu in the house. Mahesh, Dadi and Kareena ask them to check whether Pihu is sleeping in their room. Sarla asks Sherlyn about Pihu but she pretends to be unaware about it. As planned with Sherlyn, Prithvi abducts Pihu and hides her in a gunny bag. While he takes Pihu away from the Luthra house, everyone begins to worry about her. Watch Kundali Bhagya serial premiere episodes to find out what happens.

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