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Kundali Bhagya 06 April 2021 Written Update: Mahesh recalls Pawan and Prithvi’s dark secret


April 5, 2021

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In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Sherlyn frets after seeing Prithvi and Srishti around. Karan takes Mahesh to the lawn of the Luthra House. Rakhi brings sweet dish for Mahesh and he shares it with Dadi. Rakhi smears colour on Mahesh and Mahira arrives there using a disguise. Mahira, with an injection, plans to secretly kill Mahesh. Suddenly, she gets a text message from Sherlyn, who tells her to wait there and kill Mahesh by any means. Sherlyn plans to use an injection to help Prithvi regain consciousness. However, she keeps peeping from a window while Sameer, Srishti and Preeta interrogate a semi-conscious Prithvi. Mahesh asks Karan to call Preeta and everyone else to dance during the Holi celebration. Karan arrives in the room and takes Preeta out. While the Luthras have a blast, Srishti and Sameer try hard to make Prithvi confess his crime. Soon, Srishti decides to call Preeta as Prithvi responds only to her voice. Sameer waits inside the room and Sherlyn eagerly waits for a chance to get to Prithvi. Pawan arrives at the Luthra House and Mahesh tries to recognise him. While Mahesh recalls Pawan’s warning, Mahira notices Mahesh recognising Pawan. Srishti brings Karan and Preeta back to the room and begin to interrogate Prithvi. However, they fail to understand Prithvi’s revelation. Sherlyn realises that Prithvi’s revelation can destroy them both. A frightened Sherlyn decides to kill everyone by setting the Luthra House on fire. Mahesh begins to walk towards Pawan, who asks him about Prithvi.

Watch what will happen next on Kundali Bhagya:

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Pawan arrives at the Luthra House and runs into Mahesh. He asks Mahesh about Prithvi and Mahesh holds him by his collar. Mahesh recalls the day Pawan had met him first and how he had tried to threaten him. Mahesh reveals to Pawan that he remembers everything and will soon expose him and Prithvi before everyone. Mahesh mentions he was unaware of Prithvi’s relationship with Pawan. He understands why Rishabh always used to feel that he has seen Prithvi before. Mahesh decides to tell Rishabh and everyone in his family about Pawan, Prithvi, Sherlyn and Mahira. Mahesh begins to walk towards the living room and Pawan decides to kill him. Pawan begins to follow him to get a chance to execute him secretly. A frightened Sherlyn begins to pour kerosene in the corridor of the Luthra House to set everyone on fire. Mahira comes running and tells her that Pawan has met Mahesh, who has recognised him. Sherlyn tells Mahira that his means Mahesh is soon going to be dead. Mahira asks Sherlyn why Pawan has enmity with the Luthras. Sherlyn tells Mahirathat this enmity has begun because of Pawan. Mahira insists her to reveal the secret, but Sherlyn refrains from speaking about it. Sherlyn suddenly begins to feel safe and decides to return to Prithvi’s room.

Sherlyn tells Mahira to wait until Pawan gets rid of Mahesh. Mahira and Sherlyn peep from the window and worry that a semi-conscious Prithvi may expose them. Sherlyn enters the room and lies to everyone that Mahesh has called them in the living room. She tells Srishti to leave with them and Srishti taunts her that Mahesh may reveal who had pushed him off the staircase. Mahira quickly gives Sherlyn the injection to help Prithvi bring back to his senses. The Luthras get shocked to see a petrified Mahesh enter the living room. They calm him down and try to know what has excited him to this extent. The Luthras are shocked to hear Mahesh say that someone tried to kill him. Mahesh asks Suresh about the year 2010 and tells everyone that he has to reveal a secret to everyone. Mahesh mentions that he and Rishabh were busy with the family business and Karan was busy with his cricket practice. Sherlyn and Pawan, who are secretly hearing all this, begin to worry. Everyone tells Mahesh to calm down and try to understand why he is scared. Meanwhile, Prithvi regains consciousness and looks for his phone. He learns from a video recording on it how Preeta, Srishti, Karan and Sameer were trying to extract truth from him. Prithvi feels nice to see how Sherlyn and Mahira tried to help him regain consciousness. Prithvi gets Pawan’s text message and learns that he is at the Luthra House. In no time, Prithvi arrives at the living room and gets even more shocked to learn that Mahesh has regained consciousness. Prithvi begins to walk towards Mahesh, who looks Prithvi into the eye.

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