Kundali Bhagya 04 February 2021 Written Update: Kareena apologises to Akshay’s mother

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February 3, 2021



5 min


In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, the Luthra family performs the rituals of Kritika’s ‘chooda’ ceremony. Dadi helps Mahesh touch Kritika’s first wedding card. Dadi asks Sameer to take the card to Akshay’s family. On the way, Sameer sees Akshay hugging Megha across a street. Sameer gets Akshay’s room number after talking to a receptionist of the hotel and informs Preeta. Preeta then talks to Rakhi and asks for an hour’s time. Kareena gets mad at Preeta and begins to scold her. However, Kritika agrees to go with Preeta which angers Kareena and shocks others. Sherlyn opposes Preeta and advises Kritika not to doubt Akshay because of Preeta’s accusations. Kareena says that she does not care about Preeta and Kritika’s belief. She tells Rakhi that she’d go to check on Akshay only for Rakhi. Before leaving, Kareena asks Preeta what if she fails to prove Akshay wrong. Preeta says that she is ready to accept any punishment after that. Kareena decides that this time nobody will be able to defend Preeta if she goes wrong anywhere.

Watch what will happen next on Kundali Bhagya:

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, while Preeta manages to take Kareena, Kritika, Rakhi and Sherlyn to the hotel, Akhay enjoys his time with Megha. Akshay tells Megha that he has planned something to get rid of Kritika. He explains how his parents are forcing him to marry Kritika. Akshay gives Megha a dress and tells her to wear it for him. Meanwhile, Sameer keeps an eye on Akshay by standing outside his room. Sherlyn suggests Kareena to call Akshay and confirm about his whereabouts. Kareena lies to Akshay over a phone call and he comes up with an excuse. Preeta claims that he is lying that he is at his home and not the hotel room. Rakhi requests Kareena to just visit the hotel room once. Preeta misses Karan, who is getting a a gift to surprise Preeta. Suddenly, Sameer gets noticed by a hotel manager and asks him to come with him. Akshay pays a huge tip to the waiter who gets drinks and food for him. Preeta arrives there with everyone and asks the receptionist to let her enter Akshay’s room. Preeta gets restless when the receptionist denies anyone’s presence in the room. Sherlyn scolds Preeta and Kareena tells Preeta to stop creating a scene at the hotel. Preeta pleads the receptionist to recheck.

Kritika recalls that Akshay had lied to them about being at home. Preeta bangs the door of Akshay’s room and asks him to let them all in. Akshay initially refuses to let them in but they all forcefully enter the room. Kritika asks Akshay about Megha and he pretends to be unaware. Akshay asks Kareena to support him as he is innocent, but she remains speechless. Preeta threatens him to reveal the truth and he keeps portraying that Preeta is framing him. Kritika asks Akshay why he lied to her that he does not drink. Soon, they all are shocked to hear a knock from inside the bathroom. Kritika asks Akshay to admit his wrongdoings and let the girl inside come out. He keeps saying that he is innocent and Rakhi loses her cool. Rakhi says that she is cutting off ties with Akshay forever. She vows to never marry Kritika to him. However, Kareena barges in and tells Rakhi to let Akshay prove himself innocent first. Sherlyn says that they should not rush to come to a conclusion. Srishti arrives at the hotel and the receptionist says that Arnav is waiting for her, which surprises her. Preeta calls a housekeeping team member and he unlocks the door. However, nobody is found in the room and Preeta says that she is calling off the wedding. Akshay’s parents arrive there and his mother says that she does not want him to marry Kritika now. Kareena comes ahead and apologises for all the misunderstanding. She requests Akshay’s mother to accept Kritika and let the wedding rituals start again.

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