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Kundali Bhagya 02 April 2021 Written Update: Mahira and Sherlyn plan to kill Mahesh


April 1, 2021

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In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Suresh and Dadi sit next to a comatose Mahesh while a doctor gives treatment to him. They feel pleasantly surprised to see Mahesh regain consciousness. Dadi phones Rakhi and informs her about Mahesh’s recovery. Sherlyn begins to look for Prithvi. Meanwhile, Preeta talks to Aastha, who shares that she is an English literature professor and has two children. Aastha tells Preeta how responsibilities made her life difficult and drove her away from Hemant. Suddenly, Preeta sees Kareena and Kritika looking for Prithvi. Aastha tells Preeta to go to the guest room to check on Prithvi and others there. Aastha goes to Kareena and Kritika and pretends a foot sprain to distract them.  Prithvi welcomes Preeta in the guest room and Karan tells him to begin the bhang drinking competition. Meanwhile, Sherlyn tells about Mahesh to Mahira, who frets getting exposed if Mahesh’s testifies against them. Srishti and Preeta lace Prithvi’s thandai with bhang. Prithvi gets intoxicated due to overdose of bhang and feels that he has won the challenge against Karan. Mahesh sees Preeta and asks Rakhi if she is married. Rakhi tells him that she has gotten married to Karan, which gladdens Mahesh. Sherlyn and Mahira find an intoxicated Prithvi in the guest room of the Luthra House. Sherlyn tells Prithvi about Mahesh’s recovery and struggles to bring him back to his senses. Prithvi says that Mahira had pushed Mahesh and he can definitely not recover after that. Surprisingly, Aastha arrives there and stops Mahira from giving Prithvi an injection. An upset Sherlyn drags Aastha out of the room.

Watch what will happen next on Kundali Bhagya:

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Aastha and Hemant prepare to leave for home. Before leaving Aastha tells Preeta that some people in the Luthra House are involved with Prithvi. She tells Preeta and Karan to go and check on Prithvi as those people are trying to bring back to his senses. Preeta asks Aastha those people’s names but Hemant keeps rushing her to leave. Preeta thanks Aastha for visiting them and tells her that she wants to know more about her. Aastha suggests her to watch The Married Woman on Zee5 and Alt Balaji. Sherlyn overhears this and decides to take some strong action. Mahira seconds her and they leave to find Prithvi. Meanwhile, Suresh gets tires of supporting Mahesh and Karan arrives there to help them. Kareena jokingly says that he has grown old, but Suresh praises her by saying that he is not forever-young like her. Suresh brings a stick for Mahesh and requests him to practice walking. Sherlyn arrives there and peeps from a window. Pammi sees her reactions and tells Suresh about it. Pammi says that everyone is happy to see Mahesh recover, but Sherlyn seems to be worried. Suresh observes it and suggests her to remain calm for some time. A doctor suggests the Luthras not to force Mahesh to recollect anything as it will strain his brain. Mahesh tells everyone to avoid the doctor’s advice. He asks Karan to get bhang and requests Rakhi to make ‘jalebi’. He wishes Holi to everyone and then Suresh looks excited to join him later.

Everyone leaves from Mahesh’s room and he thinks about exposing Sherlyn after Holi celebration. Sherlyn, who is standing outside his room’s window, feels at peace to know that he hasn’t exposed her. Sherlyn leaves from there and runs into Mahira. Sherlyn scolds Mahira for being unable to make a concoction for an intoxicated Prithvi. They return to the guest room and find that Prithvi is locked inside. Sherlyn and Mahira begin to remind each other the favours that they have done to each other. Mahira points out that Srishti must have locked the room as she had seen her with a key.  Mahira tells Sherlyn that they should leave Prithvi for now and focus on Mahesh. Sherlyn decides to kill Mahira, who asks her for a plan. Sherlyn suggests Mahira to smear colour on each other and use it as a diguise to kill Mahesh. Mahira tells Sherlyn to execute the plan at the earliest. Srishti goes to the kitchen and tells Preeta that she has locked Prithvi in a room. Suddenly, Rakhi arrives there and asks Preeta for Girish. Preeta gives her the handmade ‘jalebi’ for Mahesh. Rakhi thanks her, praises her and then expresses her joy. Srishti jokingly tells Rakhi to go and spend time with Mahesh. Rakhi replies back asking Srishti to try all this on Sameer. Sherlyn and Mahira enter Mahesh’s room and begin to smear colour on themselves. They get shocked to see everyone missing from the room. Suddenly, Mahesh steps out of the bathroom and they hide behind the curtains. Karan enters the room and gets upset with the nurse who was supposed to look after Mahesh. Karan helps Mahesh walk out of the room. Sherlyn and Mahira fear getting exposed and decide to kill Mahesh at the earliest.

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