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Kundali Bhagya 01 September 2023 Written Update: Rajveer desires to celebrate ‘Rakshabandhan’ with Kavya

Anup Shukla

September 12, 2023

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Rajveer tells Mohit why he wants to celebrate ‘Rakshabandhan’ with Kavya. To know what happens next on Kundali Bhagya, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Srishti visits the Luthra Mansion to teach Nidhi a lesson for trying to harm Preeta. Girish helps her enter the house keeping others in the house uninformed. Nidhi feels at peace after returning from the hospital. Aarohi and Nidhi wonder why Srishti and Preeta are not coming to the Luthra Mansion if they are in the same city. Meanwhile, Srishti runs into Rakhi while heading to Nidhi’s room. Rakhi tries to look for Srishti but gets distracted because of a phone call and leaves. In the kitchen, Palki gets teary-eyed recalling the moment Rajveer had saved Shanaya from a fall. Rajveer comes there, wipes off her tears and apologises to her. Rajveer gets surprised to see Srishti in the living room. Rakhi arrives there and overhears Girish talking about Srishti. Soon, Karan comes there and questions Girish.


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, after warning Nidhi to stay away from Preeta, Srishti steps out of her room. She hides in the living room when Rakhi arrives there. Rajveer and Girish try to convince Rakhi that she is overthinking and they were not talking about Srishti. Karan arrives there and confronts Girish. Rakhi and Karan ask Girish to sneeze again when Rajveer says that he was just sneezing. Srishti takes advantage of the situation and manages to sneak out of the Luthra Mansion.

Nidhi comes out of her room to see how others react after seeing Srishti. She feels at peace to see Srishti going out without letting others know about her arrival. Meanwhile, Shaurya and Shanaya step out of Kavya’s room and discuss Rajveer. Shanaya lies to Shaurya that Rajveer is obsessed about her. Shaurya asks her how she feels for Rajveer, but she deliberately twists her reply to keep him interested. Karan notices that Rajveer has been noticing Palki and Shaurya has been noticing Shanaya. Rajveer tries to convince Shanaya that she will drop her and Palki home after Shaurya offers to do so.

Nidhi talks to Aarohi about the instances wherein she failed to harm Preeta to keep her and Karan away. Aarohi suggests she hire a snake charmer to harm Preeta indirectly. Shanaya goes to the kitchen to look for Girish for a glass of water. Palki comes there and subtly asks her if she and Rajveer are having an affair. Shanaya notices Shaurya is outside the kitchen and starts lying about Rajveer’s feelings. Rakhi sees Karan teasing Rajveer and blurts out that they are talking a father and a son. Kritika calls up Karan to ask him for a gift for ‘Rakshbandhan’. Karan supports Rajveer’s idea that Shaurya needs to take Kavya out to buy rakhi. At night, Rajveer tells Mohit that he desires Kavya to tie a rakhi on his wrist.

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