Kundali Bhagya 01 January 2021 Written Update: Preeta informs Karan about Mahira’s wrongdoings

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December 31, 2020



5 min


In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, before leaving from the police station, Srishti meets Sherlyn and makes fun of her. She tells Sherlyn how Preeta used Sherlyn’s tab against her. Preeta proudly stands before Sherlyn, but Sherlyn holds herself back from responding. Srishti and Preeta leave for the hotel and Sherlyn phones Prithvi. He feels at peace when Sherlyn confirms that Karan and Preeta have not come close yet. She receives Kareena and Ramona at the police station. Ramona decides to phone her husband but a frightened Sherlyn stops her. Mahira reveals about getting Karan intoxicated to try and bed him. Ramona gets mad at Mahira, who requests her to take her out soon. Meanwhile, Karan regains consciousness at the hotel. Srishti lies to him that he forced himself on Preeta under a state of intoxication. Karan apologises for his misbehaviour and Preeta reveals that nothing like this has happened. Srishti reveals that she was just trying to prank him. Preeta requests Karan to return home. On the way home, Preeta tells Karana that she understands his care for his fans but she can never let any woman take advantage of him.

Watch what will happen next on Kundali Bhagya:

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Karan and Preeta leave for home in their car. Srishti and Sameer join them in a cab. On the way home, Preeta asks Karan to halt at a place and then reveals about Mahira’s wrongdoings to him. Preeta explains how Mahira tried to get him intoxicated to bed him. Karan initially doesn’t believe Preeta but later reveals that he was just teasing her. Srishti tries to flirt with Sameer and hints him to make the first move. His innocence makes Srishti drop the idea. She reveals to him that she was testing Karan and Preeta when they all thought that she was pranking Karan. She feels sad while sharing with Sameer that Karan and Preeta haven’t come close yet. Kareena, Sherlyn and Mahira arrive home and Kareena frets getting exposed. She scolds Sherlyn and Mahira for failing her and feels stupid to trust them. They enter the house and Rakhi asks them something that leaves them all stunned. Later, Kareena tells Girish to mend the cable wires of their TV to get the connection back.

Kareena secretly tells Mahira that she had purposely tampered with the wires to keep everyone unaware of her arrest. Meanwhile, Karan sees Kritika with Akshay, her fiance, at a fast food stall near the Luthra House. He phones Kritika and teases her and then Karan and Preeta meet Akshay. Akshay reveals about his decision to marry Kritika at the earliest. Srishti arrives home and Janki pretends to be upset with her. While Sarla does not talk to Srishti, Janki begins interrogating her. Surprisingly, Sameer comes there and reveals that Srishti had forgotten her phone in the cab. Sarla gets upset on learning that she had gone to Manali with him without informing anybody. Sameer begins to share how Srishti foiled Kareena’s plan and dealt with Mahira and Sherlyn. After hearing the whole narration, Sarla and Janki praise Srishti’s efforts. Srishti thanks him and he immediately takes a leave. Kareena secretly talks to Mahira about their plan’s failure and how Sameer helped them. Suddenly, Preeta arrives there and her body language makes them feel uncomfortable.

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