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Kumkum Bhagya’s Pragya And Kasamh Se’s Bani Have Had A Similar Journey, Here’s How

Shrudi Shyam

April 15, 2021

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From evil sisters-in-law, to enduring great losses, Pragya and Bani have had it similar. Read on to know why we say that.

Pragya (Sriti Jha) from Kumkum Bhagya has suffered all her life. Just when we thought she might finally get some happiness, everything went downhill. All her joy was momentary, which quickly got turned into another traumatic event. Doesn’t this remind you of someone else as well? Yes, we’re talking about Bani (Prachi Desai) from Kasamh Se. Even she was one such leading lady from Zee TV, who had to suffer through all sorts of difficulties before she finally got her happy ending. Today, let’s draw some parallels between the lives of these two ladies.

Meanwhile, check out what’s happening on Kumkum Bhagya:

Presence Of A Third Woman

Both Pragya and Bani had the presence of a third woman in their lives. In Pragya’s case, it is Tanu (Leena Jumani), Abhi’s (Shabir Ahluwalia) ex-girlfriend. Whereas, in Bani’s case, it was her own sister, Piya (Roshni Chopra), who Jai (Ram Kapoor) had initially fallen for. Tanu and Piya both constantly created obstacles in Pragya and Bani’s lives respectively. Although our leading ladies have always defeated them with their intelligence and determination.

Tanu and Piya
Source: ZEE5

Husband Accused Of Rape

The similarities don’t just end with having a third woman. In fact, both these women accused Pragya and Bani’s husbands of rape. Tanu recently accused Abhi of raping her when he was mentally unstable, while Piya actually went to the extent of sexually assaulting him before alleging him of rape. Piya even ended up getting pregnant with Jai’s child from this encounter.

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Didn’t Want To Marry Their Husbands

Pragya had feelings for that nerd Suresh and never really wanted to marry Abhi. In fact, it was Aliya who forced her to do so, thinking that she’s Purab’s love interest. Similarly, Bani never wanted to marry Jai either. She was also persuaded by Jai’s sister Jigyasa to marry Jai in order to save her family’s honour after Piya eloped on the wedding day.

Abhi Pragya and Jai Bani
Source: Pinterest

Sinful Sister-in-law

Pragya and Bani were equally unlucky when it came to in-laws, especially sister-in-laws. Abhi’s sister Aliya (Reyhna Pandit) and Jai’s sister Jigyasa (Ashwini Kalsekar) never seemed to be happy with their brother’s wife. In fact, both of them always tried to make Pragya and Bani’s life tougher. Just like Aliya, Jigyasa also plotted many times to get Bani thrown out of the Walia house.

Aliyah and Jigyasa
Source: ZEE5

Firstborn Child Dies

Both the Zee ladies had to go through the same trauma of losing a child as well. Pragya lost her firstborn, Kiara at the hands of Nikhil and Tanu. Whereas, Bani lost her firstborn twins, Krishna and Atharva due to Meera and her devious plans.

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Separation From Husband

Do we even want to get into how many times these women have been separated from their husbands? Sometimes, it’s because of amnesia while other times it was because of misunderstandings created by others. In fact, Pragya and Bani both were separated from their husbands when they lost their child. They also stayed separated as their kid grew older with a time leap of 16 years in Kasamh Se and 20 years in Kumkum Bhagya.

A Woman Named Meera

The similarities don’t end here.  They even had characters with the same name in their lives. But, Kumkum Bhagya‘s Meera, who was Rhea’s caretaker wasn’t nearly as evil as Kasamh Se‘s Meera. The latter not just tried to separate Bani and Jai, but she was also the one to get their firstborn twins murdered and later attempted to kill Bani as well. How vicious!

Meera and Meera
Source: ZEE5

So, we weren’t exaggerating when we said these ladies have one too many things in common. Now, do you believe us?

To know what happens next on Kumkum Bhagya, stay tuned to ZEE5.

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