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Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 21 August 2020: Rhea To Attempt Suicide

Janhvi Sharma

August 20, 2020

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In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Ranbir’s mother Pallavi apologises to Prachi for the trouble she has to go through. Ranbir tries to cheer up Prachi and she hugs him. Rhea gets jealous seeing Prachi and Ranbir close to each other and goes to her room. She cries her heart out and Aliya tries to console her. Rhea confesses Aliya that she feels good when she is with Prachi’s mother. Aliya tries to make Rhea understand that Abhi is there for her. Meanwhile, Abhi comes and tries to make Rhea smile. Aliya decides to meet Sanju and tell him that the man he hired is not caught and he should go underground for a few days. But she finds her phone is missing and realizes that it got swapped with Prachi’s phone. Abhi accompanies her and takes her to Prachi’s house. At Prachi’s house, Sarita asks her to make her a cup of tea as Pragya rushes to take the clothes that were left to dry as it is about to rain. Aliya gets shock to see Prachi and Pragya together. She makes excuses and takes Abhi back to the car and asks him to drive her to a doctor as she is unwell.

Watch the spoiler of the next episode here.

In tonight’s episode, Abhi makes fun of Aliya and the latter gets upset. Aliya goes into her room and holds Rhea’s picture. She remembers Rhea’s words of how she loves Pragya and wants her in life. Aliya says that she kept Abhi away from Pragya but says that she cannot let Rhea away from her mother. She decides to reveal Rhea that Pragya is her mother. Rhea gets shattered and tells Aliya that she is unlucky in love as Abhi also does not love her. Aliya promises to not let Ranbir part ways from her. Aliya and Rhea get to know that Ranbir did not catch the robber. On the other hand, Ranbir says that he took the money from the office. Aliya watches the footage and sees Ranbir stealing money. She promises to make Pragya’s life hell.

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