Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler 18 August 2020: Rhea Is Shocked To See Ranbir And Prachi Together

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Ankita Tiwari

August 14, 2020


2 min


In the recent episodes of Kumkum Bhagya, we have come across the conniving schemes that Rhea and Aliya have made to trap Prachi. In the recent event, Prachi was responsible for a sum of ten lakh rupees and Aliya sent some goons to threaten Prachi and Pragya. She even got them to steal the money which landed Prachi in immense trouble. Ranbir’s mother and Aliya then threatened Prachi that they would ask media to cover the case which scared her further. But Abhi and Ranbir supported her and Ranbir decided to prove her innocence.

Watch the spoiler of the episode here.

In the next episode, we will see how Aliya has further decided to prove that Prachi is the thief and she is doing so with Rhea’s help. But when Rhea walks in Prachi’s home she finds Ranbir and Prachi extremely close. They are looking into each other’s eyes and Ranbir is wiping away her tears and trying to console her. This makes Rhea extremely jealous and she is shocked to see Ranbir (her love interest) doing so!

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