Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya’s Confession In The Temple Reminds Us Of #Abhigya’s Old Adorable Fights

The recent episode of Kumkum Bhagya had us reminiscing some of Abhigya’s old, sweet fights! Read to take a look at them!

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February 16, 2021


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In Kumkum Bhagya, one wedding drama comes to an end with Pragya confessing her love for Abhi. Yes, you read that right. Abhi and Meera wait for Pragya to reach the temple before starting their drama of getting married. Later, she yells and confesses her love for Abhi, whilst crying. As Abhi fights with her, Pragya’s true feelings come out and it is an extremely happy moment for all #Abhigya fans!

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We all know this adorable couple started off with all the hate at the beginning of their story. Only when they got married and were forced to live with each other did they fall in love. Even in their love story, there have always been sweet little fights. What can we say, they’re one of those bickering couples that are just really fun to watch. Post watching her confession at the temple, here are some more moments of the couple from the past that we’ve loved watching! Check them out.

A reunion calls for a sweet fight

When Pragya and Abhi finally meet after all the touch-and-go moments, in a lift at a shopping complex, they embrace each other for a really long time. It was such an emotional moment for them. When they finally break their hug, Pragya tells him that she is angry with him. Abhi, in his jovial manner, asks her why she’s not angry. Pragya tells him that if she starts listing all the reasons, she won’t be able to stop! Abhi tells her that he should be angry with her because even after staying in the same city, she didn’t celebrate valentine’s day or Holi with him. Pragya calls him a teenager and asks him why couldn’t he just call her? It’s an adorable fight!

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A fight or a dance?

During Abhi and Meera’s Sangeet ceremony, when Abhi chides Pragya about being happy, she tells him that she’s so happy she could dance. He asks her to prove it. So, just to prove to Abhi that she’s alright and she can dance at his sangeet, Pragya begins to dance, but she has tears in her eyes. Abhi takes a few steps towards Pragya and when she trips, he is right there to hold her steady. They stare at each other for some moments, and then they dance.

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When truth or dare got too spicy

When Abhi was trying to find out Kiara’s real age and if she was really his own daughter, during the sangeet he starts a game of truth or dare. He’s trying to fight Pragya and uncover the truth. While he does not get what he wants out of King, he has to take up the dare of eating green chillies to win the game. Abhi does that right in front of Pragya and she has to control herself from showing her worry on her face.


When Abhi and “Munni” fought in the kitchen

When Pragya lived at the Mehra house as Munni, Abhi kept feeling like she was his Pragya. Munni knew everything about Abhi and her actions and behaviour were totally like Pragya’s. She even fought with Abhi like Pragya! When Abhi goes to the kitchen to try and get some truth out of Munni, they have a funny conversation which results in Pragya almost spilling beans on her identity! This episode really shows how much Abhi loves Pragya and wants to figure out if his instincts about Munni are right.

When Abhi wanted to spend more time with Pragya

Back when Bulbul was getting married to Purab, Pragya had decided to leave the house after Bulbul’s wedding, but she overhears Abhi talk to someone on the phone. Abhi is trying to put off some sort of meeting, he is asking for more time. Pragya asks him what that was about, and he tells her that he wants to spend some more time with her. Pragya is surprised as Abhi admits wanting to have more time with her. Abhi tells her that he has gotten used to where she keeps things and the way she fights with him, and that’s why he doesn’t want to let her go. He doesn’t tell her out loud that he is in love with her, but we can tell.

Watch this cute moment here:

Well, now that Pragya and Abhi have sorted things out, we hope to see such cute banter in the coming episodes!

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