Kumkum Bhagya: Instances From Abhi-Meera’s Engagement That Prove That Destiny Is Not In Favour Of Their Union

The current track of Kumkum Bhagya focuses on Abhi, who is getting married to Meera. But destiny has its ways of showing its disapproval.

Jiya Chulet

January 7, 2021


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Kumkum Bhagya’s latest episodes are quite heartbreaking as we witnessed three hearts sobbing in the pain of love. While Ranbir and Prachi‘s love story might end for a while, Abhi’s engagement with Meera will hopefully manage to reunite him with Pragya. In the previous episode, we saw how Abhi was constantly poking Pragya to confess that she is not happy with his and Meera’s alliance. But stubborn Pragya was stuck on saying that she has accepted it whole-heartedly. Though Pragya is trying hard to hide her emotions, it feels like her silent prayers are to God are finally working. We have three incidents from the engagement track that prove that Abhi and Meera are not meant to be together. Scroll down to know which ones.

1. The sudden weather change

Interestingly, not only us but Dadi too believes that it’s a God’s sign that whatever is happening is not right. In a part of the episode, after a war of words between Prachi and Rhea, the weather suddenly changes and it leads to a powercut at the engagement venue. Dadi then says to Saritha that whenever something wrong happens, God sends some signs. Well, we couldn’t agree more as Abhi is always meant to be with Pragya and no one else.

2. Abhi’s engagement outfit gets ruined¬†

Well, if you remember the famous poet Harishvansh Rai Bachchan’s quote, “Mann Ka Ho Toh Acha, Naa Ho Toh Aur Bhi Acha“. Rhea had planned everything for Abhi’s engagement – from decoration to his outfits. But it seems like God is sending the message that what Rhea and Mehra’s have planned will not succeed. And, when a waiter accidentally ruins Abhi’s outfit, we can assume it’s a ray of hope and destiny’s way of showing its disapproval.

Abhi and Pragya
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3. Meera gets unconscious 

Well, more than Meera getting unconscious, we feel that the robbers’ entry at the venue is a bigger sing. Meera getting unconscious right before her engagement ceremony is a sign that destiny doesn’t want to see her union with Abhi. At the end, when destiny plans something, no one has the potential to ruin it.

Well, it will be quite interesting to see how Abhi and Pragya’s destiny will shape their relationship further. And, if you too are excited to know what will happen next, watch Kumkum Bhagya episodes before their TV telecast on ZEE5.

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