Kumkum Bhagya: How Abhi-Meera’s Wedding Will Bring A Major Change In The Show

If Abhi ends up getting married to Meera, here’s how every character will suffer on the show. Everyone except, Aaliya of course.

Jiya Chulet

January 6, 2021


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The plot of Kumkum Bhagya took a significant turn as Rhea agreed to convince Abhi for cancelling his wedding with Meera. But, it seems like that this time Rhea has to struggle to get her work done. In the recent episode, Abhi thrashed Rhea’s demand and made it crystal clear that he will marry Meera at any cost. Well, more than Pragya, we feel Rhea is going to suffer in pain if Abhi marries Pragya. But, not only Rhea, there will be a few other hearts, who are going to sob in pain while the wedding day will be a sheer moment of joy for a couple of characters. We don’t know how the story is going to unfold. But, according to everyone’s intention, we can draw that how this alliance will change the game for each of the lead characters. Scroll down to know.

Pragya will be heartbroken

We can bet this thought crossed your mind too. It is very obvious as we can see that Pragya has hinted often that she is not happy with Abhi’s wedding with Meera. Although Abhi has teased Pragya often during the engagement ceremony, Pragya pretended that she is happy. But, also remember, during the same track she broke down after reminiscing Abhi’s promise, that he won’t marry anyone ever.

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Abhi to lead a meaningless life

If you love drawing and painting and your parents pressurize you to take a math class, how will you feel? That’s what will be Abhi’s state of mind if this wedding happens. We know that Abhi loves Pragya, and if he marries Meera, it will be meaningless. We agree that Abhi might act as a dutiful husband. However, we also agree that all of his efforts will be made half-heartedly.

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Aliya will get another trump card

While Abhi and Pragya‘s hearts will sob in pain, Aliya will be the happiest person. First Rhea, and now Meera, Aliya will have two shackles to tie Abhi’s moving steps towards Pragya. Aliya will constantly remind Abhi that he is married to Meera and he needs to take all the responsibilities of a dutiful husband. And, if Pragya will try to sort things between her and Abhi, Aliya can accuse her of creating differences between Abhi and Meera, who are now husband and wife.

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Prachi will hate Rhea from the core of her heart

Prachi agreed to sacrifice her love Ranbir for the happiness of her mother Pragya. Just imagine what will be the level of her frustration if all her sacrifices go in vain? As per the current plot, the only person who can make or break things between Abhi and Pragya is Rhea. And, if Rhea failed to cancel this wedding, Prachi will hate her for harming Pragya. As Prachi has previously said that she can’t see her mother in pain, knowing that the reason behind the same is Rhea, Prachi won’t be able to accept her ever.

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Rhea loses a chance to get Ranbir

As mentioned above, Prachi agreed to sacrifice her love for Ranbir in return of Pragya and Abhi’s happiness. And if Rhea fails to achieve this, she might lose Ranbir forever. For the unversed, the deal is simple, Prachi gives Ranbir back to Rhea, and in return, Rhea cancels Abhi’s wedding with Meera. But, if the wedding happens and Abhi ties the knot with Meera, the deal is over and, Prachi will have the option to reveal the truth to Ranbir and win him back.

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Well, this is what we are speculating, but it will be quite interesting to see if Abhi goes ahead with his wedding. And, if not, how will the destiny change the game. To know that watch Kumkum Bhagya episodes before their TV telecast on ZEE5.

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