Kumkum Bhagya: How Abhi Answered Aliya In Her Own Words By Faking His Wedding With Meera

Kumkum Bhagya has taken a turn with Abhi’s marrying Meera. See how Abhi answered Aliya in her own words by faking his wedding with Meera!

Aditi Sharma

January 18, 2021



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As a saying goes by, “Everything is fair in love and war”; Abhi from Kumkum Bhagya has proved it right. He is head over heels in love with Pragya and even after so many opportunities, they often find themselves standing miles away from each other. While they got a chance to be a perfect family on the occasion of Diwali, it all came to an end with Abhi’s daughter asking him to marry Meera. He showed an agreement to the same and their ceremonies began, however, we didn’t know there was more to AbhiGya’s story. Take a look.

When Abhi and Meera’s marriage was finally happening, Aliya was elated to see Pragya suffer. She pushed both Abhi and Meera to tie the knot. On the other hand, Rhea was also happy to see her finally getting a mother as she always craved for motherly love. However, Rhea’s plan changed when Prachi promised to leave Ranbir if Abhi and Pragya get married. Rhea tried her best to cancel their wedding but couldn’t succeed. While Rhea wanted Abhi and Meera to not get married, Aliya was equally stubborn. But little did we know that Abhi was the one who was playing games all this while.

In the recent episode, when Purab was concerned about Abhi and Pragya getting apart from each other, Abhi revealed to him that he is faking this marriage with Meera to get back with Pragya. Abhi told Purab that Pragya has always been stubborn whenever he talked about getting back with her. She brought past things like Tanu but never said that she loves him. Abhi said that with this marriage, he wants Pragya to get jealous and confess her love for him so that they could get married again and live like a family with their daughters.

Kumkum Bhagya
Source: ZEE5
Kumkum Bhagya
Source: ZEE5

When Purab argued that he is doing wrong with Meera and she would be devastated, Abhi revealed that Meera knows everything and she is helping him to get back with Pragya. Later, Abhi also told dadi about his plan and told that Meera is a good friend, therefore she is helping him. Abhi played a big game and Aliya who is so certain about Pragya suffering will be shocked when she will get to know that this was all a plan. While she kept rejoicing about how her cards are finally falling in place, it was Abhi who was the real ‘mastermind’ of her game.

Source: ZEE5

Thus, we think Abhi managed to answer Aliya in her own words – by planning and plotting everything. Though we wonder how she’ll react when she comes to know everything!

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