Kumkum Bhagya: Here’s Why We Think Ranbir-Aryan Are Modern-Day ‘Jai-Veeru’

While Rhea is leaving no stone unturned to put an end on Ranbir and Prachi’s love story, Aryan has often proved that he will go beyond the limits to fix things for Ranbir.

Jiya Chulet

January 13, 2021



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As per the current track of Kumkum Bhagya, the roller coaster ride of emotions is leaving a void in the hearts of the audience. Though now Rhea has requested Abhi to cancel his wedding, the latter is gearing up to welcome new changes in his life. On the other hand, Prachi and Ranbir’s relationship is also going through a rough time. But amid all these chaos, one relationship is grabbing our attention and we feel you should know about it too. We are talking about Ranbir’s friendship with Aryan. You might have not noticed, but we think Aryan is Jai to Ranbir’s Veeru. And, we have proof of it!

Aryan is a good secret keeper

Just imagine, on one side, your best friend’s girlfriend is crying in front of you, while on the other hand, your intoxicated friend is not in the state to explain himself. And, there you are standing knowing that you have the power to clear all the misunderstanding. But, you decide to stay mum because you have promised your best friend. Well, we aren’t sure how we’d have reacted to it, but Aryan has proved his respect towards Ranbir. Although he knew that Ranbir agreed to marry Rhea only for the sake of his mother’s happiness, he stayed mum when Rhea made all the claims. But why did he do that? It’s simple ‘cos he wanted to keep Ranbir’s secret safe with him.

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Aryan knows how to show the correct path to Ranbir

In one of the recent episodes, when Prachi broke up with Ranbir and attempted to establish that she is a gold-digger, for a moment, Ranbir believed it. Heartbroken Ranbir accepted the truth and was sobbing in pain. He even believed that Rhea’s opinions about Prachi were right. But guess who helped Ranbir come back to his senses? Yes, it was Aryan. When Ranbir opened up to Aryan about the heartbreak, the latter made him understand and it helped. Do you remember Ranbir and Aryan’s fist-fight from that night?

No matter what Aryan has got Ranbir’s back

When Ranbir decided to break Prachi’s heart to marry Rhea. When Ranbir decided to know the truth behind Prachi’s strange behaviour, Aryan was there. And, Aryan not only made sure that he was there for Ranbir but he also proved that he is his constant partner-in-crime. And, if this is not enough to understand that they give major friendship goals, let us tell you that in an upcoming episode, Aryan will help Ranbir kidnap Shahana. Well, this proves that they are literally partners-in-crime. Sometimes, we feel that the duo will be the next Abhi-Purab of Kumkum Bhagya family.

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We don’t know how their friendship will bloom amid all the chaos but we are pretty sure that it is next to impossible to create differences between the duo. Well, watch Kumkum Bhagya episodes before their TV telecast on ZEE5.

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