Kumkum Bhagya: Here’s Why We Think Dadi Is The Perfect In-Law For Pragya

Even though Pragya and Abhi live separately, Dadi has always believed in Pragya and continue to support her every time. She’s the perfect in-law Pragya could have ever asked for.

Pooja Dhar

December 13, 2020



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Sriti Jha and Shabir Ahluwalia starrer Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya has been on-air for many years now. The daily soap has always enjoyed good TRP ratings right from the time of its premiere. The main focus of this television drama has always been Pragya and Abhi’s love story and the fans of the show have loved their great chemistry. But Kumkum Bhagya’s usual episodes had a different subplot after Pragya and Abhi’s separation. The show has now taken a leap of two decades and focuses on how the two characters live their separate lives with their daughters, Prachi and Rhea. Even though Abhi and Pragya live separately, here is why we think dadi is the best in-law for Pragya.

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In the entire Mehra house, if there’s anyone who truly cares about Abhi and what he wants, it is dadi. She never lets Abhi feel the absence of Dallo and has always taught him the importance of relationships. Dadi also shares an amazing rapport with Pragya. When she came to know that Pragya is in Delhi, she rushed to get her back home. Besides standing by her side and supporting her throughout, Dadi also helped Pragya clear all the misunderstandings with Abhi.

Even when Aaliya played her tricks and sent Rhea to jail, accusing Pragya of filing the FIR, it was Dadi who made Abhi understand that Pragya can never do something like this. She told Abhi that there has to be a misunderstanding or maybe Aaliya has done something to make Rhea hate Pragya. Dadi told requests Abhi to stop doubting Pragya.

When Aaliya announced that Abhi is getting married to Meera, dadi was the one who openly opposed the decision. She continued to show her support for Pragya and made him understand that his decision to remarry will only bring him more pain. Dadi has always extended her support for Pragya and she’s lucky to have a confidant in her.

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