Kumkum Bhagya: 11 Times Kumkum Bhagya Couple Abhi And Pragya Found Their Way Back To Each Other

Pragya and Abhi have been apart for almost 20 years but the love in their hearts for each other is still alive. Will this love and their twin daughters bring them back together?

Ankita Tiwari

September 21, 2020



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If you love someone, set them free. This is a popular quote, music lyrics, and love advice to live by! The quote tells us how one should let their partner and lover be free of expectations. It also has a deeper meaning that says if the love is true, then the person you have given your heart to will always return. They will hover nearby you forever because destiny has your paths entwined with them. This is what Kumkum Bhagya means as well. Kumkum is a hindi word which signifies the sacred bond of marriage. And bhagya means destiny. Pragya’s Kumkum Bhagya was always Abhishek Prem Mehra. And that is why even after hundreds of avalanches, mazes and other obstacles that came between them, somehow our favorite #AbhiGya found their way back to each other.

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Currently, on the show, Abhi and Pragya’s daughter Prachi is the main focus. She is being married off to Ranbir and it is a chaotic wedding. As Ranbir’s friend Maya was supposed to marry him but she was a vile person and so Prachidecided to help. Even Rhea wanted to marry Ranbir but Aliya’s plan failed. Will Abhi and Pragya finally meet and realise that Prachi and Rhea are their daughters?

Pragya and Abhi have been separated for about 20 long years after the accidental death of their daughter Kiara. Abhi blamed Pragya for it and they separated keeping one twin daughter each. Ever since Abhi and Pragya have crossed paths many times. Here’s a look at all the times they have minutely missed out on each other.

1. When Prachi starts working with Vikram and Abhi, she tells her mother that she is working with Mr. Mehra. But when Rhea decides to get Prachi suspended from college on false accusations, Pragya visits Mr. Mehra’s office and locks herself in. She even scolds Abhi’s partner thinking him to be Mr. Mehra. While Abhi crosses past Pragya.

2. When Ranbir is jailed, Abhi decides to free him and Pragya is also on the premises searching for Prachi. They walk past each other but miss out on seeing each other. Pragya is almost about to meet Abhi again but doesn’t meet at the police station. Later, they meet in a mall and rekindle their romance.

3. Everything goes well, until Pragya and Abhi separate over Rishi and Priyanka’s fight. They decide to let each other go and they don’t even meet their daughters. But later, Pragya and Abhi cross paths again as Prachi is working for Abhi and Pragya is unaware about this. Abhi comes to Pragya’s house to ask her to open a cafe in his hotel but Pragya is not around.

4. When Prachi gets jailed for the first time due to Rhea’s plotting, Abhi comes to help her. But he misses on Pragya who goes out to hire a lawyer to save her daughter.

5. After rekindling and again separating from each other Pragya finds herself relocating and going away from Abhi. Aliya feels good about it. But Pragya meets Rhea who finds Prachi’s mother to be really sweet. Abhi even brings Rhea to Prachi’s house to apologise to Prachi’s mother but he misses out on Pragya again.

6. When Rhea was trying to pay off Saloni and Maya, they tried to trap her by inviting Ranbir to watch her pay the sum of one lakh rupees to them. But Abhi found out that Rhea and Aliya were lying to him and he went in pursuit of his daughter. But on the way, Abhi saw Pragya in the rearview mirror of his car. He stopped the car and even called out her name. But Pragya was hailing a cab and failed to meet Abhi.

7. When Abhi met with an accident, Pragya saved his life and drove him towards safety. She even gave her own details to the hospital. But when Abhi awoke, he could not find Pragya. He decided to go to the hospital and instead of finding Pragya there, he met his daughter Prachi who was in search of her father. He tried to get Pragya’s contact details but could not get them.

8. When Rhea hired a drug dealer and asked him to spoil the party. Everyone blamed Prachi for it, but Pragya stood by her daughter and decided to call Mr. Mehra (Prachi’s boss), meanwhile Abhi set out to meet Prachi’s mother. But they crossed paths as Pragya went out to get network in her phone.

9. Pragya and Abhi played Holi together at Ranbir’s house. When Pragya arrived at Prachi’s insistence, she told everyone that she does not play Holi. But Meera asked her the real reason behind it and she revealed her secret. Meanwhile, Abhi also arrived at Ranbir’s Holi party. He got covered in color and Pragya also got covered in red gulal. This made them unrecognisable and they played Holi with each other but failed to notice that they are each other’s soulmates.

10. In the recent episode, when Prachi got jailed for stealing 10 lakh rupees, Pragya decided to seek Mr. Mehra. She could not find him in his office and they cross paths as she thinks Abhi’s lawyer to be Mr. Mehra. Meanwhile, Abhi goes with Ranbir to trap Sanju. They again cross paths in the jail when Pragya comes to meet Prachi and Abhi comes to free her.

11.. In the latest episode, Abhi and Pragya cross paths when Pragya’s cab slams into Abhi’s car, damaging it. Pragya runs away as she has to rush to the wedding and save Prachi. Meanwhile, Abhi too rushes to the hospital as Rhea is admitted there after an accident!

Will Pragya and Abhi meet and realise that Prachi and Rhea are their daughters? Stream Kumkum Bhagya premiere episodes before Tv only with ZEE5 Club Pack!

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