Kumkum Bhagya 8 September 2019 Written Update: Abhi Meets And Hugs Pragya At His House?

In today’s mahaepisode, Abhi and Pragya meet during Ganesh chaturthi celebrations where Jeetendra and Ayushmann Khurrana also drop by.

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September 8, 2019


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In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Daadi asks Abhi to get a Ganpati home. He asks Prachi also to come with him and Rhea to pick the Ganpati. This makes Rhea angry but she gets even more jealous when Abhi decides that he will buy the kind of Ganpati that Prachi likes. While Abhi is buying a Ganpati, Prachi and Rhea fight in the car. Prachi gets out of the car and almost knocks down two men. They fight with her but Rhea makes them leave. The men turn out to be gold smugglers who decide to use Abhi’s Ganpati to bring the gold into the city.

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In tonight’s episode, Pragya is doubtful about going to Mr. Mehra’s house for the Ganesh Aarti. Sarita convinces her to go saying she might meet a rockstar at the party. When Abhi and the family bring the Ganpati home they all wonder who will take the cloth covering the idol off Ganpati. Abhi announces that Jeetendra will be doing that.

Ayushmann Khurrana also shows up with Nushrat Barucha as Abhi’s friend. They dance on the songs from Dream Girl’ with Jeetendra who even unveils the Ganpati and does the aarti. Abhi prays to meet Pragya at the arrti. When Abhi is busy talking to the pandit, Pragya enters with her family. When Abhi turns Pragya is away meeting Mira.

Pragya decides to help Mira organise everything. Pragya is on her way to the kitchen when she meets Rhea. She asks Rhea what she wished for. When Rhea says she asked for a mother, Pragya hugs her. While Surbhi Jyoti from Qubool Hai performs a sensuous number, Pragya and Sarita go ahead and talk to the waiters.

Surbhi Jyoti in Ganpati Special episode of Kumkum Bhagya
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The smugglers get a call from the boss asking them to hurry up and take the gold. Sarita sees them as a waiters on the phone and questions them. Pragya texts Mr. Mehra to find out where he is. Abhi asks her to meet him before leaving. Pragya notices the waiters looking at the Ganpati and asks them to go and serve the people.

They decides to hide somewhere to find a way to steal the jewelry from the Ganpati idol. Meanwhile the Haiwaan duo of Param Singh and Ankit Mohan perform an energetic dance number. Ranbir and Prachi get in a fight and this makes Rhea angry. She asks him to propose to Prachi or she will leave him.

Ankitt Mohan and Param Singh in Kumkum Bhagya Ganpati special episode
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Ths smugglers take a knife and decide to kidnap the pandit and force him to steal the jewelry for them. However, they bump into Prachi and drop the knife. Prachi recognises the criminals and thinks they want revenge on Rhea. Prachi decides to warn Rhea. Meanwhile Shamita Shetty performs a Lavani number.

Sarita tells Pragya that she suspects 2 waiters who were on the phone. Pragya decides to go and look for them. Prachi also warns Rhea about the two men. Rhea too decides to look for them to make sure Prachi is not lying. Prachi is sent to the storeroom to bring some decorations. Ranbir decides to follow her to propose to her.

Dheeraj Dhoopar, Shraddha Arya perform in Kumkum Bhagya Ganpati special episode
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Dheeraj Dhoopar and Shraddha Arya from Kundali Bhagya perform a duo act. The smugglers decide to break the Ganpati so it has to be taken away. They hide when they hear Pragya nearby. She asks the caterer to check all his waiters once again. The waiters hide in the storeroom till the caterer checks all his waiters.

Rhea locks them inside but the escape from the window. Rhea goes back in the room when she doesn’t hear anyone. Ranbir follows her in and finds it dark. He ends up proposing to Rhea. Prachi is going in to find the decorations and overhears Rhea saying how he should propose to Prachi. Ranbir notices Prachi listening to their conversation.

Rithvik Dhanjani in Kumkum Bhagya Ganpati special episode
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Rithvik Dhanjani dances a tandav as a ode to Shiva. Mithali notices Pragya in the house and rushes to inform Abhi. He goes out looking for Pragya, but Aliya overhears this and gets angry. She tells Mithali that Rhea will be the most upset. Mira also overhears this and decides to meet Pragya once and Mithali asks her to go towards the kitchen too.

Pragya and Sarita are questioning the waiters. Sarita says the waiters there are not the ones she sees met. Pragya leaves the room to look for the waiters outside. When Mira reaches she doesn’t find Pragya. Abhi prays to find Pragya in his house. Pragya and Abhi then dance a romantic number.

Abhi and Pragya in Ganpati Special episode of Kumkum Bhagya
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Pragya is looking for the criminals while Abhi is looking for her. The criminals are upstairs and the plan to cut the ropes holding the chandelier, When the chandelier falls on the Ganpati idol the plan on taking the broken idol and on the way steal the gold. Abhi tells he has a simple plan to look for Pragya and leaves.

Karan Wahi from Dance India Dance and Dipika Singh perform a dance for Ganpati. The waiters try and cut the ropes of the chandelier. Abhi stands in front of the Ganpati idol and calls out Pragya’s name. Pragya hears Abhi and goes to meet him. She notices the chandelier falling and asks him to move from there.

Abhi sees Pragya climbing up the stairs. While Pragya holds one rope, Abhi runs up the stairs and holds the other side. Sarita uses Aryan’s help and catches the criminal waiters. While holding the chandelier, Abhi and Pragya smile at each other and imagine hugging each other. Will Pragya and Abhi actually meet? Stay tuned to find out.

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