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Kumkum Bhagya 8 October 2020 Written Update: Will Aliya Be Able To Save Rhea?

Ankita Tiwari

October 7, 2020

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In the next episode of the show Kumkum Bhagya, we will see how Shahana comes to the temple and tells Pragya that Prachi has regained consciousness. She also tells her that Ranbir is speaking with her. Pragya rushes to the hospital. Meanwhile, Ranbir and Prachi share a deep conversation. They speak their hearts out and when it comes to expressing their love, they both ask each other to say it first. Ranbir is about to say that he loves Prachi when her mother barges in the room. Prachi is sad to see her mother cry and she asks her to stop crying.

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Further, we see how Ranbir notices that Pragya’s hands are bloodied as she was ringing the temple bells for hours. He applies some ointment and rushes to bring her some water. Pragya speaks with Prachi and tells her that she is relieved to have her back. She thinks of Rhea and decides to keep her secret as she does not want to harm her future and her friendship with Ranbir. On the other hand, Rhea discovers the pictures of herself and Abhi at Prachi’s home. She realises that Pragya is her mother and that Prachi is her elder sister!

She talks to Prachi’s photo and complains about how she took a lot of time to arrive. She even asks for her sister’s forgiveness. Meanwhile, Aliya summons the lawyer and asks him to find a way to save Rhea from getting implicated in the case. He tells her that it is only possible if Prachi’s mother refuses to press charges against Rhea. Aliya realises that Pragya has not told anyone yet and doubts if she knows Rhea is her daughter!

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