Kumkum Bhagya 7 December 2019 Episode Written Update: Prachi’s Life In Danger?

In tonight’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Ranbir and Prachi have a fight and she tells him she will go alone. Meanwhile, Abhi, Purab plot against Aliya.

Aayushi Sharma

December 7, 2019


3 min


In the latest episodes of Kumkum Bhagya, we saw that Purab and Aliya have a fight over Disha. Disha meets with an accident and Purab accuses Aliya of purposely hitting her with her car. Aliya pleads not guilty and instead asks Purab if he has been cheating on her with Disha. Sarita tells Pragya to not stay out of the house till late. She even complains how Rishi hasn’t given her the newspaper. Later, Rishi finds the news of Priyanka’s disappearance in the paper. Pragya tries to cover up for him.

Tonight on Kumkum Bhagya, Aliya cries in front of Abhi and asks him why he didn’t come to save her. Abhi tells Aliya to stop doing drama and that he knows she deliberately tried to hurt Disha. Aliya then tells both Abhi and Purab that since her brother and husband don’t love her, she will leave the house. However, she decides to tell Aaryan the truth before leaving. Abhi and Purab don’t want him to know anything and thus, stop Aliya.

In the next scenes we see Ranbir and Prachi are on their way home. However, they end up fighting as Ranbir teases Prachi and she gets irritated. So much so, she gets out of his car and starts walking home. Ranbir, too, leaves her and goes away. Prachi is walking when she sees two men pass by on a bike and feels weird. She immediately calls Shahana and tells her what she saw. On the other hand, Ranbir is talking to his mother and grandmother. Both of them scold him for leaving Prachi alone and ask him to go back and drop her home safely. Ranbir gives in and agrees.

A few scenes also show Rhea and Sanju bumping into each other. Rhea asks him to leave. Sanju is being blackmailed by the waiter and decides to seek a goon’s help to set the waiter straight.

Will Purab and Abhi be able to stop Aliya from plotting against Disha? Stay tuned to find out.

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