Kumkum Bhagya: 5 Times Viewers Thought It Was A ‘Happily Ever After’ for Abhi and Pragya

When we take a trip down their memory lane, viewers can surely recall Abhigya’s bitter-sweet romance, romantic yet heated arguments, heart-breaking separations and cute squabbles.

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December 8, 2020


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In Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi and Pragya were recently seen reconciling with each other almost after 20 years. Over the years, the duo has faced several obstacles together. When we take a trip down their memory lane, viewers can surely recall their bitter-sweet romance, romantic yet heated arguments, heart-breaking separations and cute squabbles. There have been several instances in the show which made viewers believe that Abhi and Pragya have almost reached their ‘happily ever after’ stage just before destiny turned back on them. Here, we have listed down five such instances which made viewers believe that Abhi and Pragya’s ‘Happily ever after’ had begun.

When Abhi chose Pragya over Tanu

We all know that Abhi and Pragya had to tie the knot with each other against their wishes. At the time of their wedding, Abhi was in a relationship with supermodel Tanu, who laid down several plans to separate them. However, the lovebirds found a way to love each other. With her bitter yet caring nature, Pragya won Abhi’s trust disclosing all the heinous plans of Tanu. When Abhi fell head over heels for chashmish Pragya, viewers actually believed that everything is going well in their paradise but fate continued to bring ugly twists in their life.

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When Abhi reconciled with Pragya after 7 years

After Dadi’s death, Abhi blamed Pragya and asked her to go away from his life. However, the duo met each other again after 7 years. However, now their equation was completely changed. While Abhi agreed to be in a fake relationship with Tanu, Pragya, on the other hand, was living with King Singh. Pragya also had a daughter from Abhi, named Kiara. Upon learning that Pragya and King Singh’s marriage wasn’t real, Abhi and Pragya reconciled again. This did not go down well with Tanu, who with her ex-boyfriend Nikhil kills Abhi and Pragya’s firstborn which resulted in the duo to separate once again.

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When Abhi and Pragya came face-to-face after 20 years

Pragya and Abhi welcomed twin daughters in their life, however, during their separation both decided to one as they bid adieu to each other. Almost after 20 years, the duo met each other again which made all viewers go gaga. However, even after meeting each other and learning about their twin daughter, destiny’s twist just didn’t seem to end.

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When Abhi and Pragya confessed their love for each other after 2 decades

When Abhi and Pragya met each other after 2 decades, the identity of Prachi was kept hidden from his for a long time. When they unveiled the truth, soon after there came a point where the duo again confessed their love for each other. This Diwali was supposed to be their ‘happily ever after’ moment, but who knew that the trouble in paradise was just about to begin.

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When Rhea bonded with Pragya

During this Diwali, Pragya’s estranged daughter Rhea was all excited to celebrate the festival of light with her entire family after 2 decades. Abhi and Pragya were all smiles for each other. Upon watching Rhea bond with Pragya, Abhi became the happiest father alive. However, Aliya played an ugly game and got Rhea arrested through a fake FIR filed under Pragya’s name.

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